Monday, August 30, 2010

Not cryptic enough =_='

Law is tough.
Remind me again why i chose this path?
Ouh,you're right~

Blood fear me, or the other way 'round.pffttt
whatever,you know better :|
So,BIOLOGY was not even an option.

ADDMATH?I'm allergic to it.
Doctor said, a problem a day make me wanna vomit green.
Blame the doc!


I'm still thinking~~~
Ouh,there's no chemistry between us.
it won't works.

TEACHER thingy?
are you kidding me?
no way i'll be in line with my parents thoughts.

can he just propose already so i can finally be at peace?

Saturday, August 28, 2010

I don't need a boyfriend,

"Stop feeling as though you need a boyfriend, because you don’t. Sure, it would be nice to have someone you can love, but every hello ends with a goodbye, and it’d be a waste to spend your teenage years crying over different boys who you probably won’t even remember properly once you’re older. You’re young. Spend your time being creative, finding yourself, laughing, exploring the world. Not worrying if you’ll be good enough to get that guy in your geography class."

I don't need a boyfriend

because i only need him <3

I'm this close of getting to know him,dont stop me!RAWR!

Friday, August 27, 2010

JPA tak habis-habis! =_=''

Holla back yaw!HAHA
Kemungkinan besar most of you already know about PIDN kan? 

"Permohonan Program Ijazah Dalam Negara"
The thing is, semua orang asyik heboh and bising about this thingy boleh check by today which is 27 August,i supposed? Pffftttt.... Apa yang made me so frustrated is that my result kalau nak compare dengan each and everyone yang apply (budak law) tersangat lah jauh gap nye. And memang tersangat impossible la nak dapat. My friend yang dapat result sama pun tak apply.

OK,Fynn!yang kau tak sedar diri pergi apply juga why?!

Ye,so lately mereka mereka semua ini tak putus-putus asyik gundah gulana pasal resultnya which i don't give a damn sebab dah confirm takkan dapat kan?So today,tengah orang sibuk pergi men-jam kan page JPA itu, aku tidur dengan nyenyak-nya sampai sahur pun terlepas!

Membencikan sebab aku tak dapat makan bubur lambok yang dapat masa majlis berbuka di fakulti semalam. Dah la jumpa Mr. Curly yang adorable...woohoo!dapat dekat sama Mr Curly,suka!suka!haha
Ok,kembali kepada isu JPA hopeless aku ni.

Bangun pagi,tak gosok gigi, actually tak la pagi sangat and apa barang mandi awal?HAHA
Menuju ke lappy and buka website JPA.Alah, selama 19 tahun aku hidup ni, dah berapa banyak kekecewa yang i have to endure,setakat JPA yang aku tak letak harapan sangat ni,wouldn't hurt a try,i mean a check.
Lepas masukkan IC terus buka tab baru,tengok tab semakan tu macam cepat je stop load,confirm kan tak dapat~~~

But then, it says, i got biasiswa JPA!!!

Hahaha....aku TIPU je :P

Ingat lagi kes nak masuk uni pun aku tak pass?

Terus ke phone : Mama!Mama! dapat JPA!dapat JPA!
Mama: Biar betik?


Tapi honestly aku rasa JPA ada buat salah key in  nama aku. I'm not supposed to get it,why?why?
Shit, aku benci bila orang mainkan perasaan aku macam ni +_+
But in case kalau betul,syukur alhamdulillah.
This shall bring back my spirit untuk ke LLB!
walaupun i flung test MLS~pfftttt

I guess by this,i did prove something kan?
1 mission of my life = succeeded
Do expect for another (:

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fake friend is like breast implant!

Honestly,sepat sakap sape sini penah buat implant!HAHAHA
ok,okay,this is not supposed to be a funny post,sarcastic maybe?
*excited *excited

Oh,lagi pervert anda,i think lagi baik pemahaman anda bagi entri kali ni.
Do we need pictorial?
budak underage or narrow minded,this is where you start to scramble!


See what i mean?
fake boobies are U-GLY!

so are fake friends!

  • You know,when you and another two friends walk together, you don't leave one behind and walk as fast as you can ahead!quote balik apa komander aku cakap ;
macam mak minah kena kejar babi gila seks
  •  When you woke up late and text your friend to leave without you, a real boobs friend text back ;

Tak payah mandi,i'll wait!
           Fakers : (sumpah seranah dalam hati) and text back 
  •  A real friend laugh at your sarcasm, fake ones offended!
  • A real deal be with you when time in needs, fakers ask you to do so!
I really, really hate fake friends. It's fun though watching them faking it right before my eyes. So,if any of you happen to be on the same boat as I am; obviously nothing we could do to fix those selfish yet hypocrite kind of species. I've seen so many and i'm glad because hey, karma is just around the corner!

Don't use people!Your not even close to royalties!pffttt...

p.s. of course some akan terasa,HAHA.i won't take back my words, renung-renungkan, you should give what you receive, don't mark yourself as princesses, that's beyond impossible.don't mumbling and complaining about me hurting your feeling think about you selfish-ing yourself. Go ahead terasa about my status at FB or this sort of post, I DON'T CARE :) and yes, do come back every time you need my 'service'. I didn't realize i was your slave,afterall.Awwww...did my sarcasm hurts your feeling?

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Notify me.

Dah,nak tutup case.
Mr ChubbChubb,i want you to be just a passing phase.
Sebab i know,you are not here to stay.
If one day, she let you slip away.

Notify Me.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Saya suka Dragonfly!

Alhamdulillah,kawad dapat 3rd,y'all!!!

it does feel good to break the record ;D

Saturday, August 7, 2010

I wanted to forget you.

It just hurts me as much as i'm loving it everytime i see you.

How can i not fall for you?

Friday, August 6, 2010

Dalam hati ada taman!♥

He: Tak best ke dapat benda free?
Fynn: Best! ^^
He: Habis,asal muka monyok je ni?
Fynn: *omg* penat hari ni :(
He: Penat....(dengan nada yg buat lutut aku jadi air) Buat ape ni,sampai penat..

Can i marry you,pretty please?

aside from my crush story;

i finally got my Brtish style Tee!

Sekali lagi,please!

Sila jealous!HAHA

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Boyfriend orang,memang terbaek!

Yah,aku tend to suka boyfriend orang.
Keji kah?
Aku tak pernah rampas,okayyy!


Tak nak suka anyone anymore!
Habuk pun tarak~
Makan hati je all the time 

Tabi,stay with me,please...


OMG,i think i'm gonna cry~