Friday, February 18, 2011

7381.) Whenever I saw a pretty girl

 Whenever I see a pretty girl, I feel so intimidated. It’s like whenever I think I look decent or okay, I come across a pretty girl in a picture or a pretty friend and I just immediately fall into the assumption that I will never measure up to that kind of “pretty.” It’s like I can never be enough because there will always be someone prettier and better.

Don't be drag, just be a queen 

Whether you're broke or evergreen 
You're black, white, beige, chola descent 
You're lebanese, you're orient 
Whether life's disabilities 
Left you outcast, bullied or teased 
Rejoice and love yourself today 
'Cause baby, you were born this way 

Monday, February 14, 2011

154 So I'm the bad guy now.

I don't hate you, I'm just not necessarily excited about your existence.

It's shamelessly awkward that most people tend to see me as the bad guy.
You should all know that there's always two sides of a story.
Eventhough I don't blame you for getting manipulated that easy,
I'm sorry for once I thought you people are wiser.

Friday, February 11, 2011

The Hate Book

Due to some new nemesis, I'm going to reincarnate my Hate Book,the augustest!
I used to be such a bitch, and for a while, I thought I should stop,be a little bit human but turns out having this couple of nemesis being hit by a truck or sometimes being raped by a shark in my mind just won't do.just won't,I'm afraid.

One more thing, it really does sucks being the good guy. You just sit there, sakit hati and rasa macam nak cry my heart out because of anger bila kena buli by the so called inferiors. Seriously, good people, WHY! It feels much better to stand up to them, tak payah jaga hati, jaga reputasi, afraid of what other may judge you,urgh for crying out loud, forget it.

Why the sudden, Fynn?
#1 I'm no longer below 18,so if people get kill, I have death penalty waiting.
#2 I don't seems to have friends around me anymore to listen.
#3 Because crying isn't my thing.
#4 Curiosity kills the cats.and sometimes,humankind.
#5 I just had so many assholes to hate.
#6 I have to walk this world alone.

What will be in the hate book? HAHA. that's the point of the book. So, watch out guys. Whenever you saw me scribbling something now, onward, be worry :)

I'm not insulting you. I'm just describing you

p.s. hate me much?that's your fucking problem.Look at all the fuck, I'm giving~

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Bang! It's 2011 and I'm perfectly twenty.Gahhh~ Just lose the number '1' in front of my age and it kind of making me sick. Dua puluh tahun hidup, what was it all about? I don't know? I might say tons but I also feels like telling you, none. Get it? Get it? Alrightyyy, obviously I'm having yet another crisis. Do you know, that crisis when you hit certain age in your life that you feels things is not as what it used to be? When you look in the mirror and think your butt looks completely hideous? So, yes that kind of crisis is totally raining rocks all over my brain. Exclamation mark.

Apa guna blog,kalau tak tulis,kan?So ayuh, countdown!

#1- Everyone else seems so young!

It's a serious aweful to walk around and feels like as if I'm a grannie!!! For crying out loud, I'm 2 freaking ty! or 20,jyeahhh. But why does suddenly every waiters, cashiers,etc start calling me 'kakak'?? But that's quite tolerable though, but when things seems like what worst could happen, then there are underage boys.
 Note this, I AM SO EFFING MAD THAT WHENEVER I HAD MY EYES ON SOME CUTE GUYS,THEY TURN OUT TO BE LIKE FEW YEARS YOUNGER THAN ME!!! Oh yes, I'm so not going to get married or even afford a bf.Thank you, thank you so much. Adult sucks much.

#2- I came to know how real friendship works.

I learned a lot about friendships. I lost people that were once my best friends. I lost old friendships that I thought would last beyond high school. People I once trusted ended up showing me the opposite. Although I lost those people, I also built more valuable relationships with the people who stayed. I kept the friends that really mattered. I gained stronger friendships with people who were there for me. I realized that besides family, I only have a few people I can truly rely on, but that's okay. Having a huge group of friends isn't that great when most can care less about you. In the end, having a few valuable friendships with people who really have your back is always worth so much more.

#3- Being a public figure is so disgustingly low!

Why,yes indeed! I used to think it would be great if one day I get to be famous that I own millions of fans worldwide and everything.I mean,how cool is that? But recently, when having this shitty copycat-girl who is so damn awfully clingy and rude and started to use me as a sample in very much everything especially style and clothing, I feels like I'm about to go insane that I think I might poop in her hand! OHMYGAWD. I mean, do you really have no sense of style at all that you really have to copy my outfits and attire or do you really think I'm that dumb not to notice your shameless doing? Hey, for the record, those clothes looks better on me. In your face,sunshine!

#4- Boyfriend,boyfriend and the list goes on~

Mum keeps on bugging me with this heavy predicament and I'm not liking it. Yes, I do have like banyak lagi friends all around me who is still single but when the pressure is up, with this kind of face and figure, I'm actually starting to accept the fact that i would die single,no love at all. As pathetic as it may sound to you who read, try put on my shoes.I'm putting white flags paint all over my face now.

Oh,how I wish I'm a unicorn.or a gummy bear. yeah,that will do.

p.s. :guys, if you came across this post or any in my blog,well do me a favor. Leave a comment or at least like it or something.It feels weird having 200+ followers and didn't get any.You know what I mean? It won't hurt your pride or anything,but I'll sure thank you in advance :)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bang bang you're dead.

I really wish I could axe some of my friends right now.
Because I don't think shotgun is suffix.

Funny,dulu siap mengaku adik beradik,
now satu kepala pun tak nampak.
Birthday aku pun tak ingat kot?LOL.
 Lepas tu,sorang sorang buat hal,sekarang tinggal seciput.
Tapi tak apa. 
Ciput ni lah aku sayang.
Ciput ni lah yang setia,
yang ada susah senang,
yang bukan parasit.
Semua dah tak sama,
Things change,people does too.
Suka hati aku.
Senang aku nak kelas mana jalang dengan jantung.