Monday, July 18, 2011


I miss a friendship I had with multiple someone but I donÊ»t think it can ever be how it used to. This is probably not the best solution but it's all I can think of. I'm trying not to blame it all on you people, maybe it was me. Maybe I am the bad friend and maybe I'm the one who had change. But hey, whatever. I'm tired of being the friend who does everything for other people, but when I need you, you're not there for me. I guess, I just care too much for people who don't care at all about me. 

You've finally got a boyfriend,fine.I'm jealous yes, but I'm happy though for you. I try not to go around you too much saying, 'hey wanna hang?' or texting you all days,nights,weekend just trying to find a shoulder to cry to,no I don't. I hate to be that kind of friend who suffocates and clingy. People don't like that,I know. But, once in a while, when I texted you, call or anything I would expect a little more nicer respond than hours of time taken for a reply and your snob I-got-a-boy-and-you-don't-so-get-lost-attitude, old friend. Personally for me, a reply text messages really means a lot to me. Because, if I don't get one back from you, I thought you're dead.

And when I got your back,I kind of imagine the scene in X-men Origin where wolverine and his bro were doing back to back. You know, I got yours, you got mine? My bad, I watch movies too much. Hence, I tend to take life seriously. When, something is going my way instead of yours, if you could see the expression you had, I swear you'd go "Mother of..Did I look like this all day?" Rewind.That time what did I do? Did I do hula in front of you saying, 'bitch, why serious?' and left? or did I just ignore you and said, 'fuck it'. I had this thing in me, hopelessly faithful. That, I would like to change. Because, now when I'm on a windy road, you just laugh on my sadness and ignore. So much for a friend.

and, when a friend trying to pick a fight with  me just because of a lame, duniawi kpop group who depends on looks,have zero abs, and stereotyping my course like a complete asshole,

'nigga, you can kiss my ass'.

It hurts me to write these bad things,that is why unfriend is the ultimate option. No worries, I will forever make you vague and anon. I love you, and having you as friends is beyond amazing, but at the moment, you're being the pain in my ass. When you've finally brokenhearted, got stab in the back or old enough to be called mature, you know where to find me,ya.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Mean Manager.

Twice,I had a job and guess what I learn? 
If you wanna be a very good worker,you gotta be a very good ass-licker.

I don't know what else to write regarding the tittle. It simply sum up everything I wanna say. I happened to work at a place which own a motherfucker freaking bitch as a manager whom everyone(almost) loathe and talk about everyday. I don't want to be racist or anything but, my chinese boss was never anything like this one. Always torture people, work unprofessionally, pasang spy like fucking paranoia, always outing at working hours and when she does come back, screaming at people to do their jobs while she's the one who never had. Making people cry, feeling like shit, talking low of others, pick up on a weaker man, stereotyping people with degree, do bad things to others and then saying things like, "yang ni lah kau nak rindu nanti". 

"Really,bitch? you think so?REALLY?"

Here's the thing, last night marked twice I cried because of this biatch.

A week ago, I sent my application for a 3 days leave. I don't really expect for it to be granted by the head quarter,never. But I must be that lucky, I got it. Since yesterday is the last day I'm working before the leave, she had me doing every tough tasks and said : "hang kan nak cuti,kenalah buli sikit!"

Damn bitch, acted as if it was my last freaking day. First, suruh aku jaga department lain since short staff, dah tu suruh aku handle department yang bukan bawah aku, which is department yang memang dari dulu lelaki yang handle.FUCK. Those customers yang saw me sweating like a pig angkat carpet and such pun tanya why diorang tak letak lelaki jaga department ni? Then she told me to do cashier thing even orang lain dah check in masuk. Then screaming around calling "Fina!!" buat ni, buat tu, buat tu lagi. Even dah malam, kena sapu sampah, buat notis just because nak perli aku sorang je! Dah tu, even nak tutup still cari mistake aku macam ci to the bai weh! Last night I cried so hard, put Taylor Swift's "Mean" on repeat and I think to myself, 

someday I'll be living in a big old city,and you're ever gonna be is mean. and pathetic, and a liar and alone in life, a mean. :)

Oh well, be ready to accept my resignation letter pretty soon, asshole.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Not bersih enough.

First, no political shit needed here,gracias. And if I were to join the assembly, I would dress up as Spongebob.

Since  minggu lepas, asal aku jejak kaki kat Kangar je, memang bersepah publisiti graffiti tak jadi yang invite pergi bersih dekat dinding-dinding bangunan. Al maklum lah, setiap hari balik pukul 9,tak sempat nak tengok berita. Pelik, ribu ribu orang kumpul, habis takde dana nak buat banner ke flyers ke ape? Rasuah tak boleh, vandalism takpe. ANYWAY, malas nak campur urusan majlis pembandaran.

Then, dekat tempat kerja, ramai pulak datang cari baju kuning kosong. Okai, ini memang I stepped on a dogshit lah since aku penunggu men's department. 

"Adik, baju kuning kosong ada tak? Pak cik nak beli, nak cop pergi bersih"
"Gotong-royong bersih apa,pak cik?"
"Eh bukan,nak p KL nuh. Pakcik nak berhimpun, nama kumpulan tu bersih.."
"Eh,bukan haram ke,perhimpunan tu pak cik?"

Okai,aku admit memang kepoyo-an law student aku membuak-buak nak keluar time tu. Nak bertekak pasal Article 10 segala~

"Baju murah pun takpe dik,size besaq ada dok?"
"Pak cik,awat depa tak settle cara formal,cara elok?bukan ada prosedur ka nak buat undang-undang semua tu?"
"Memang la.tapi benda ni,nak bawa masuk parlimen pun tak lepaih."
"Awat tak lepaih?kira kalau tak lepaih tu,ada yang tak kena la tu kan?"

Then he gave me the stop-asking-me-questions-cuz-i-don't know-what-to-say look.

"...p kl jauh-juah perabih duet,silap hari bulan lokap~"
"Dok,ni try tengok baju ni,elok boleh pakai kap~"

2-3 hari lepas tu,ada lagi 2 orang pak cik datang cari baju kuning 10 helai.

"Pak cik beli banyak buat pa,pak cik?"
"Dok,nak bawak orang kampong p main dart nuhhh"

orang kampong punya team dart.cayalah!

Yahhh,I'm that stupid. Lepas dengar those pak cik explain kenapa diorang sampai buat pakatan segala, I was like, okay,it's a good agenda. Niat baik,of course, tapi cara tu sonsang sikit kot? I mean, ok memang havoc boleh kumpul ramai-ramai, terpekik terlolong, keluar masuk lokap, polis buat roadblock sana sini, perabih duit,masa,tenaga,gas pemedih mata, mengadap sultan, blog entries, conteng conteng dinding, baju sepesen, menipu salesgirls, memang something lah! At least nampak lah maksud warna biru dekat jalur gemilang tu memang terterap dalam jiwa rakyat.Great. 

in the end?

kecoh.which is cool cus riot is so ma thang,ya naw?

racism.which if you can't tell,BAD.

Conflicts. Kebetulan je nick pengkomen tu 'setan'

Personally, aku tengok yang pergi that assembly bukan nak sokong agenda tapi mostly rebellious kiddos macam aku yang perak tak pernah kena kejar dek polisi and clean freaks. No offence,aku cakap mostly. Entah lah,aku tak nak blame pembersih se Malaysia neither nak jadi pro kerajaan. Sebab kalau aku keluar ilmu ciput yang aku belajar,nanti orang cakap poyo budak law emo,kalau sokong bersih rasa macam something's wrong. So, like usual, aku New Zealand for good. Otak ada, kita fikirlah sendiri.Pakai otak,bukan hati,yaw!

p.s. whatever usul yang pembersih perjuangkan tu,harap dapat masuk parlimen lah lepas ni,eh?At least berbaloi tiket bus pergi kl tu~