Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Chin up,beautiful souls :)

Eversince I can remember, a lot of people has called me fat. Too many that I've lost count. and that doesn't exclude some close friends of mine. Yes, that makes me sad and NO I'm not gonna smack them on the head. 
I don't think that will solve their mental issues.

YOU, who constantly calling me fat, this is me being FAT.

and this is the actual me.

I might not have a skinny model-like figure or cheek bone,
but a reasonable man would know the different.
but then of course, retarded mean hearted people wouldn't get it.
It's alright :)

 For those people who had been called fat,ugly and million other horrible names by your own friends or strangers or whoever, stop being sad. Don't let those people affect your life. Instead,be glad because you, the most horrible person to their eyes never do most horrible things like them. Be proud because we don't need to use mean words to bring people down just to feel better about ourselves. Smile and chin up because our flaws are what make us different.