Sunday, August 30, 2009

I'm just a girl...



yeah,whatever. so,today aku kua pegi JJ(bkt raja).yup, ar maw jln jaoh smpai sunway.hihik...well,i had a long day...a very fun long day...i got pleanty to tell but,i'm damn, hey, why not i let the pictures do the talking???cool~ <3

well,this is my bukapuasa menu of the day :) i had that nuw shrimp sticks.DE-LI-CIOUS!
but,i wish i can have this damn drink *_*

ouh, i met this old chap.he looks SAD.God,bless him.

i got this black twin (woohooot!) for raya and class :) -headed mawar-
then,there is a knock on the door.ader akak jual brg seludop!! voilla~
she's an make-up artist!hehe...guess what?we got free grooming lesson!aww~
i bought this HUGO perfume for just rm25!i know!'s for my DAD.hee...hope he'll love it and stop using!bad ME~i spent my last ringgit on this,today.
oh!oh!wait for my new look! XD

the result-haha.a big NO WAY!this is me,at night.well,the cullens are part of my family :)

meet LIL FYNN.heee..she's the keychain for my nuw pendrive!gosh..she smell like a BREAD!like seriously!plus,she's SOFT~~~

and...i spent up to 400??haaa...maybe?IDK..*guilt*
ok,lets do something those who have met me these passing days,cant u spot something new bout me?think...think...well,its not that hard!here's the answer :
well,skip the ring part.its just my gone already.cincin murah! one maw kasik i cincin silver..(totally allergic to GOLD) urghhh...back to the gemok part.i HATE the girl in the pic.she is sooo FAT!damn gemok dan chubby.lipo!lipo!geeeezzz...STUPIDOS.i cant help myself from hating this fat-ass.alaaa...tell me u hate her too!

p/s: one thing i forgot to put in the last pic.the word GEEK.

Friday, August 28, 2009

ada apa dengan LELAKI

hari-hari sembang pasal lelaki.setiap jam puji-puji lelaki.setiap kali topic, sick of it laaa~
kenapa mesti dalam banyak-banyak topik dalam dunia nih,mesti keluar pasal lelaki?lelaki tuh,baik laa.kelakar laa...sweet laaa...BOSAN!yah,call me lesbo or whatever.say it.i don't care!!!
and if u happen to disagree with me that when u talk about your oppossite sex like,TOO MUCH it will be annoying! just press the Alt+F4 button,thanx :)

i've been through this situation since FOREVER.people keep telling me the do's and don'ts,religion stuff regarding how to be a muslimah.doing this and that.couple is prohibited,talk to your opposite sex just when in needs,lower your gaze,don't bad mouthing others,dress properly,they even criticize me!fine,i admit that im a total dumb in these issues and that is probably the main reason why i need helps from u guys.on that particular reason jugak,i did follow every single thing that i've been told by people whom i assume to be more knowledgable than me in this area,BUT...
seriously,how does it feel when those people become what they have been strongly disagree for what u are before??!how would u react,when u gained some sort of everlasting faith from them and they betray it by the most dreadful ways that is to be something that what they don't want u to be!JUST as simple as that.'naff said.haha.what?then why didn't i correct them?lol...who am i?the one with the whole knowledge at the first place?*think

hah...out of topic.what is it with men?huhhh..don't remind me of the oppossite attraction,everyone in the universe know that!did u notice?or maybe it is just me.when there is a guy or a man who is quite, reserve and rarely seen talking to girls,he's going to be a HOT topic among the girls.yes,sorry girls cus spill the beans!every girls will start to admire him and within a month u'll see a lot of girls trying to change their way of dressing or etc.u know for what..but what if he is a girl???never think of it,huh?most probably,people will call her anti social,snob or etc.unlike in the guy's situation,no men will wear the jubah and lebai to impress her.neither will they admire her,instead,she'll be abandoned..kan?see,so,ssup with the guys?u tell me.

p/s: i currently have this some sort of confusion inside me.its the questioning whether to keep on believing or back to the real me,the dark side of me.don't condemn me and said that if ur iman is strong,u'll hold on.if u have faith in Islam itself,there won't be such doubt.then how would u explain those people who used to tell me these thing but not a lab-mouse!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tuesday Just Can't Gets Any Better...

*sigh*how to begin this,huhh?bet if u are reading and u happen to be in the same class with me (including budak H!) u must probably know what im going to,it is adviceabe for u not to read undergoing some sort of agonizing process called tension,bare with me.

okay.let me catch a breathe first.huhhh...lately i often had sleepless nights.not that im going to blame this on why this whole crappy thing is happening to me,its just i think they might be connected in some ways.WTV.ouh,btw!today is Tuesday :) believe it or not,i haven't had my sleep for last night and the night before.not until this morning,of course.IMSONIA?no all begin when,i decided to force my eyes to sleep after subuh this morning.thanks to Mdm Bhajan for cancelling the 8.30 a.m. class for the sake of us to prepare for the 10 a.m. test.i swear,i feel like im having the normal 30 minutes sleep when my friend came back from class and woke me went like this,

"Fynn,don't u have test today?" I replied,"Yup.At ten".The next thing i heard is that,


so?what would u guys react if u were me?especially the girls.haha.i know!it's amazing that im NOT crying.well,frankly,it did feel like coming out but...there's no point of it.who is to blame?me myself and I!i was like,OMG!what should i do?should i go?or should i lie to her,telling that im sick?or should i call her up?*cursing words*im totally blur!then,my friend forced me to just go,so i did.i give my lecturer a call and she kindly said that,"if u want to take the test u come,i won't give u extend time"see what i mean?bet u guys did hear her whispering in her phone on that time,didn't u?lol~i had no choice but to rush down to class which is miles away.uhh!it's devastating when every single call i made for the cabs FAILED!or else,the pakcip taxi will be like at faraway country or somewhere.GREAT.
i need those!OMG.i'm allergic to pills :(
so,rapid,your my next aim.hey,thankgod i saw the 603 bus at the bus stop.just when i thought everything is going to be ok,i opened up my wallet to pay for the ticket and guess what?i dont have any of those rm1!ouh crap!can thing gets any worst?the rapid pakcip ask me to go and take the next bus.i don't know what time is it,hey!do u really think i have all the time in the world to even wear my watch??!luckily,the uitm bus was just there is only few people on the bus,the driver decided to wait.huhhh.(sabaaa jeh!)along the journey,i kept on thinking whether or not i will be able to finish the test or how dead meat im going to be if mum finds out!she'll kill me!
so,sampai jugak at last!phewww.and,like AGAIN,life is not simple.kertas soalan taa cukp pulak!off i go to photocopy.God..can i just get back to my sleep?can i?can i?above all,i like to see the super annoying but yet entertaining kind of facial expression which i got by the time i opened up the door,,thanks guys!that worth all those obstacles i've went through.guess,i woke up the wrong side of the bed,kowt?im praying for a good night sleep tonight :) i wish.

p/s: mum told me to see a doctor.NO WAY :)

Monday, August 24, 2009

I've got CRUSH...

Well.the title said it all.(u HATE this phrase,don't u?)haha.what?bet some of u will think that im gonna go against my very own principe and start to hit on this guy,kan??!yeah,u got it RIGHT! larhhh.joking,laa labu!but,who knows...anyway,stop hoping.there's no way in the world it's gonna happen!haha.oke,let me not beating around the bush no more.its nothing but a lame crush on a Utube star jeh.there u go...*nak taw sgt!*it's just i fall in love with his voice!!!OMG!its sooo seriously!lalala...well,i already have him in my phone ;p plus,he got the face that i've been wanting to see in a man!which i never really seen once,before.not until now,of course.heee...muke tak mandi itu sgt sweet!aww!so,boys out there,SERIOUSLY,sape yg perasan sgt aku ader crush kat korg tuh,will u stop it right away?cus frankly,up until now,i haven't met one who suit my crush qualifications list!*no offense*this is the type of guy that i'll fall with :)

meet GabeBondoc

P.S. yewp,this content is not suitable with ramadhan but, just so u know, im not a 'SAINT'(not literally) but im not a sinner too.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

There's Something Wrong...

okeh.let's begin with what is up around Malaysia.well,H1N1,u knew it.up until now,i believe there were almost 70 death so far...creepy,huh?what if i say, i DONT even feel a thing?even 4 had died in my own coleague,it doesn't bother me much.however,i did wear a mask wherever the public is.the thing is,last thursday,i went to this one mall to watch movie.n guess what?people are looking at me as if i would rob the mall!it's because i had the mask on.i feel like writing on the external of the mask ;"I DON'T WANT TO DIE EARLY LIKE YOU!"haha.the thing is,i just want to tell u bout the movie which i wacthed.its a great movie!huhhh...finally.have u ever heard of the ORPHAN???
if u haven't watch it,its time for u to get out!i mean,seriously this is SCARY!that little girl is real good.i give it 5 stars!its kinda give me the shot in the head.the storyline is interesting.its about this girl named ESTHER.well,she is a very polite and creative little girl who always wear that red collar on her neck and right arm.u are just dying to know why!bet ur excited to see a kid that kill.haha.joking!ok.i dont want to spill the bean for u.go watch it now.its been a long time since Final Destination.anyway,that is coming out next week!so,see u there ;p

well,this post isn't exactly about something wrong with Esther.its about me or maybe people around me.huhh...most probably it was just me.i got this sort of moodswing all over the weekend.horrible,i guess?im sorry im not the one who control the hormones in my body.i think i kinda give some of my friends such a whiplash,i didn't do that on purpose.i got reasons.well,they might annoy me THIS much cus i usually don't give a damn about this.but not this time.well,shame to admit that i did cried for that silly thing which i never did.before,i will just fight back.HARD.but,like i said,there is something wrong with me.i cry like a baby.stupid.thanks to my maturity and growing up senses,i manage to control my anger for now.u better pray,i can stand it all much longer.or else,ready to meet the real UGLY me.

p/s:gerard's butler new movie is coming out!!!! :))))

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ready.Set.DON'T go!

yep,u got it right.its a worries,i won't write a song review,not today.however,incase u don't know,the song is sang by miley cyrus(i love this girl like f**king crazyyy) and his dad,billy ray cyrus.its about how a dad is not willing to let her favourite daughter go but yet he have to.cus its time.OMG!OMG!*the tears are coming out!*its an old song but then i just heard it and...i remembered about my dad.ouh,i MISS him so much.sayang ayah...its been months since i last seen him.the last time when i went back,i didn't have the chance to spend time with him cus,he's a busy man.and the break is like few days!and i don't have the chance to kiss his hand before i got here.well,thi shaunt
me up until now!

haha.back then,i was my dad's favourite!hehe.when my mum force me to take medicine,i ran away like a chicken around the house.but then,dad brought me to the nearest shop and got me candies and soda.i don't know how,but he manage to get me to eat those so-called syrup!eeeeuuuw!kijammmm ayah :) now,not anymore.not after my lil sis was born.he just see me as a grown up girl who dont need him to treat me with candies and soda in order to make me take those nasty pills.guess,mum catch me this time around.

this might mean nothing to u,but it mean everything to me.i love my dad like so dayyym much.i miss him!i wanna go back home again.go for picnik or pretend to be sick(this tactic is so stone age,huhh?). i miss being on his old motorcycle and go to the shop and bought god,i wanna turn back time.however,i know i have to be patient,waiting for the time to go home.huhhh,its been months....hate this feeling!*shrug*so,for those whos homey is near,stop whinning about nak balek every single weekend or so ever.u gotta have to be me to know how i do i feel everytime u said,"tak best-nya this week x bleh balek rumah"
this lady is missing her DAD xoxo

Saturday, August 15, 2009

too tired,literally(maybe)

this gonna be BORING.dont read

haha.i dont know,why on earth am i telling u all this but,bare with me.i am just too dayyyym tired.penat!letih,dow!this one whole week sgt torturing!i've been stuffing myself with foods(which i consider as a bad thing) as my tummy is getting BIGGER by days.*sigh*mr choy,in time, i'll become a real Santa.ouh,great!i did have a diet plan,and as what happened in the past,i always end up saying"manusia hny merancang,tuhan yg menetukan"LAME,i know!but,nafsu MAKAN aku kuat dow!i can eat a whole cheese cake in less than five minutes! O_O,dont bring me to secret recipe no more,buddies.gosh!im getting FAT!i dont want tooo!no!no!lipo?why dont u tell me to kill myself instead of doing that stupid thing???!i dont have trust in doctors,okay?if lawyers are lier,then doctors are MURDERERS.hasty,generalization?,i was thinking about how to lose weight within this two weeks and i came out with no solution.amazingly,kan? ;p i always be the kind of girl with solution in her head.but in this case,i turn out to be on a dead end~so guys,jgn kedekot boleyh x?gimme tips!!!

well,penat,gemok.doesn't make sense AT ALL,kan?haha.act.,i was going to talk about the seminar which i have to attend for this weekend.mad?DO YOU REALLY HAVE TO ASK??!attending this program,means that i will lose my precious weekend!the time that i need to SLEEP,EAT and BREATHE!plus,BEL's assignments are killing me inside and out.*_* how do they expect us to cope with about to lose my ultimate INSANITY.sooner or later.

and,aku sgt penat to see people who used to gimme some sort of advice bout this and that,and now they are doing the nice is that?i just feel like giving them a slap in the face.come on,wake up!aper kaw tipu aku slame nihh?? that i look stupid to follow their way of looking at things,they leave me all ALONE.huhhh.which side is true???aku penat men-figure it out.maybe i should turn to the original me.MAYBE,fullstop.

and,the thing about reunion thingy.i hate it!face it.stop informing me this and that about it.not that i can go.and,not that u even care if i don't.i thought i did inform this one person about why am i not going like totally OUT LOUD.but then,i keep receiving invitation.which in ur view would mean politeness and kindness.well,exclude facto is, it get me some sort of SAKET HATI,taw kan?or,heartache?not literally,larh.i thought by telling this one person, u guys will stop 'torturing' me by the feeling of jealousy.but u guys keep on texting,calling and messaging me like u guys didn't contact each other and mention anything about me not going!n siap mention my institution's name as if there are others here BUT me.haha.funny,guys.weird it doesn't excite me,(again) AT ALL.suka hati korang lah.not that we're close like sisters pown,i suppose.(no offense)

last but not least(poyo,aku taw!),i was thinking to make some renovation on this A LOT.i kept myself wondering all this while,why on earth does i have this pink background on MY site?and,surprisingly,i done NOTHING.aneh.and,it looks like a school kid's blog,doesn't it?ADMIT it,i was thinking to go back to my original colour that is,bold your funky and childish going to turn it to boring so that no one will read mine.unless professionals.and,for u stalkers out there.poyolah korang.why on earth must u open my site and leave like as if it a pavement for u to pijak-pijak?for that,i was thinking to make it a private one.sooner or later.i dont welcome stalker aka loser :)

p/s:kepada yg rase i know ur stupid secret,just get outta my face.u one fat lier XD

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

just so u know...

i've been busy lately.haha!now,i finally realize,huhh?wtv.assignments and etc. sgt memeningkan kepale!besok TEST mtc 038!!!n,sooner second test for introduction to law 1!erkkk...MUET is coming up!!!very sooooon.Mr Choy cant stop worrying about us,cus seems like we doesnt LEARNT anything!hows that?bad,huhh?u tell,this weekend there'll be some sort of seminar,i think?bout how to answer and to study law.wtH?sem dh nak habis bru nak inform the right to do it ALL?bijak :) admin sinih mmg mcm nih.however,bersyukur lah jugak,AT LEAST ader that type of,im calling out all of my classmates.....and fellow law students(ASsASsIn) untuk work ur ass off.haha.ouh,before i go wild and crazeeee,let me outta here!!!so, BREAK A LEG,yawl!

p/s:i know a secret :)

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Didn't I Just Tell U?!(must read)

Hello,fellas.ahaha.ok,as u can see,i've made some renovation to my blog which seriously,when was the last time since i touched it???haha.anyway,dream came true,it finally happens.*applouse*so,how was it?cool?no?lame?U TELL ME.haha.i just made a quick change,cus...don't u know pemalas is my middle name?heee*winks*okok.there u go,some words from me.

now,i got something even better to tell u know taylor swift? about Venetian Princess?well,if not...go google it!really,where have u been???joking!joking!move to next Q.have u heard,'You Belong With Me' by Taylor?Yes?isn't it just great?OMG!the boy is hawttt^^now,have u heard 'Just a Zombie' by VP?not yet???NO WAY!its a top rated vid on UTube!u seriously have been somewhere...moon,maybe?*grinn*ok,watch it,i can guaranty u will laugh and roll on the floor!!!lmao.ouh,btw!the 'Just a Zombie' by VP is a spoof of 'U Belong With Me' by Taylor!watch it,its HILLARIOUS!!! XD

here's the oryginal from Taylor:

and,here,the spoof one!of course,from VP:

My Furry Passion!

Guess where i am at now?stuck in mawar!nice
guesses!*sigh*haha.fine,im just having this geram-dan-dengki-orang-lain-sumer-balek clouds around my head.looks like its going to rain soon.(not literally)so,as i was dayyyym bored,i think that it will be such a great idea to waste my precious little time on mukabuku(facebook).haha.i just love to take those quizez provided and pretend as if they were telling me the truth.yes,a side
which i let people tossing me around and i can live in my lalala land!(at least for some hours)i just love to fantasize!(of course,in a good way ;p)

so,after sorting some silly quizes,i end up taking the "IF YOU WEREN'T A HUMAN,WHAT WOULD YOU BE?"yeah,why on earth am i taking this?*knock my head hard*ok,it doesn't matter anymore,as long as im happy with i?sheeesss.stop it already lar,babe!okok.and the
result is....*drumroll*

a CAT!!!im so lovin' it!(i've announce it to my roommates.poyo.n not to forget,i blog about i
t too!!!)its got nothing to do with the description.i just wish to be a kitty.i always does(i didn't pray for it,larhhh!haha).i own this weird feeling which i call PASSION towards cats since forever!to your surprise,everytime i saw this fluffy little guy,i would rather run to them to say "Hi" or shouting LOUDLY from as far as i stand "Nyiawww!"(do pronounce it,correctly.don't hurts my feelin').What worst,if i were to meet the undenyably cute one,bare with me.cus,if im near my home i'll bring it back home or instead,i will have to take few minutes or probably hours to accept the fact that i am a NORMAL human being.there you go,im FREAKing you.out,huhh?!gesssshhh.truth be told,im a little bit upset with my classmates as they call one of my friend by 'miawww',whats the big D?hoho.its just,back then in school,the title is given to me,as i deserve it more than anyone else*sigh*so...u got me,alright,kan?P.S. dont let my classmate find out about this,okay?im getting myself used to it.this no longer my school.*blurr*

so,here's some pics of this awesome creature around mawar ;p

Friday, August 7, 2009

Its Me,or Them?

"PELIKlah ko nih,itu jer ke?"this is what i usually got when i'm whinning about something that i've seen which i considered as di luar tabii x ckp,if everyone is okay with that something and your a total black sheep in the situation,undoubfully,you are totally wrong!or,WEIRD,as in this case.*shrug*u judge it yourself.
yes,im using this super annoying little stuff.bare with me :)

Kisah Si Pelik 1
This happenned around this week,laa i guess? was the interval time between two subjects.i wont tell which,and one of my class mates was waiting patiently in front of the door waiting for this class to clear up the room(bergayot dekat palang2 tuh ;p)it was then,i saw this girl was running after this one guy while calling out his name.lets just call him, Mr Y.and disebabkan aku adalah ahli kelab penyibok sedunia,so i decided to watch the show.haha.she was running after him while shouting, 'Mr Y!Mr Y!'...but,he just went straight and didn't look,suddenly,this girl GRAB his arm MyEm0.Comwhile saying,'Mr.Y,aku panggil knape ko xjwb,ha?'then i was like..."what?!sampai mcm tuh,skali???"yah,Mr Y did turned but he seemed upset and the next thing i heard is the girl was saying'tak bleh pegang eh,sorry..'.and,it turned out to be,im the only one who blame the girl for kacau-ing him w/o strong reason while others blame the guy for being so tallnose(hidongtinggi larh~)

Kisah Si Pelik 2
kisah nih,lagi pelik.this happenned within TODAY.haha.mind me.during my pak rahim's class,my name was called out!erkkk...MyEm0.ComAWKWARD!i was playing around fooling myself while he suddenly or shoud i say INTENTIONALLY call my FULL name out loud!huhhh.i hate it!anyway,thats not the weird story,it happens,kan?haha

the thing is,i was sitting right under the air-conditioner while thanking God not to made me late by missing the bus like,forever,AGAIN.u don't want to know how was it like,when i was sitting,as i mention what club had i joined in last kisah,i was busy analysing every movements that catches the tail of my eyes.haha.then i saw this two girls who were amused by a guy sitting in front of them with some weird reasons i can think of them,pervert,or nicer, CRUSH.sorry.then out of a sudden,the first girl was trying to reach for his hair and start pulling it off.MyEm0.ComOMG!it didn't stop there,now,the other girl's turn.she was doing the exact thing until the guy finally woke up and touched his head.i was again surprised when he let them did it with such a BROAD smile!what's happening??! not just that, the doing happened to be a VIRUS as i can see some girls in front of them are doing it right after they watch it!and,some of the girls wore tudung and one of the boys had his baju melayu's on!and AGAIN,MyEm0.Comi was the only one yang istighfar PANJANGGG...and,like again,i was condemned to be WEIRD.yeyyy me!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

My Nisfu Syaaban

ughhh...geram!aku dah tules pnjg berjela psl post nih,then tetibe terpadam!ouh!tanak tules balek daa...sobs...just nak wish,
isi syaaban anda dengan sebaiknya :)


Mosque 14 Pictures, Images and Photos

ouh!tadi pegi klas,everyone is telling me that 15 syaaban is yesterday,means,semalam,lah!then, i was like,NO WAY!!!sumer org ckp hari ni dow...kenape....tidakkk!sobsss :'(

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I Rest My Case

credit to syawal cus kasik aku link ke pic nih.tengs.
greeting!greeting!haha.huhhh..aku penat dgn kontroversi laa weyyy.suka ati laa masing-masing nak pk aper.sendiri punya fahaman.sedangkan mazhab pun berbeza-beza.aku sebagai hamba yang baru belajar and nak berjinak-jinak dengan islam nih pon dh makin confuse!BUT!dont get me wrong,im still a believer(at least,stronger now).and believe that God won't let thing happens without a reason.and,syukur,alhamdulillah...selepas kontroversi yang sengal dan amat awkward nih,my eyes are wide open.and aku belajar aper itu erti SABAR.baru aku paham betapa susahnya orang terdahulu(baru ko nak tawu,fynn?!)..
tapi,one thing aku xberape nak bley puas ati is,bukankah kita sebagai sesama muslim wajib membetulkan kesilapan muslim yang lain?(ke aku salah,lagi?)dah aku punya statement and sumber-sumber nih,dikatakan sesat dan salah,kenape tade orang nak betulkan aku?im in the process of learning.i mean,come on,tell me,let me know the truth,tunjukkan aku jalan yang benar.takkan nak biar aku dalam kesesatan yang nyata?if u claim urself as org yg sgt berilmu dlm agama,or at least more than me,do correct me.STRAIGHT FORWARD.bukan sinis,kutuk belakang or gelakkan.i know,korg takot that u guys will hurt my feeling if u go straight and tell me im totally WRONG.and instead,choose untuk membenci dalam hati,kan?tapi,itu selemah-lemah,do me a favour,guide me toward something that i can at least hold on to.the real truth.n so,boleh la aku betulkan pemikiran sahabat aku yang lain.
peace out.sila jangan wujudkan pergaduhan,tq :)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Secebis Fikiranku

salam...hee...last night while i was reading La Tahzan suddenly,my eyes stuck on the comment made by niesah on my last post.someone had made a post in order or should i say,SPECIALLY to rebut what i've wrote?cool!i must read it,i don't know why, but i manage to read it on the first trial!haha.sebab that blog listed kat tepi nih kot?maybe.if your hoping for a post that will uphold the statement of COUPLE HARAM,stop reading right now,on this very exactly did i felt?MAD?im lying if i said no,im not.neither do i speak the truth if i say i didn't felt insulted or offended.kalau boleh memang aku raser nak sepak!frankly speaking,laa kan?*winks*i hate lying.then i came to a thinking...

why should i be angry?why would i made enemies?why can i just stay calm, and keep my head okay?i mean,come on!how would you say such thing that the one that he mentioned is bloody ME?oppps!harsh,huhh?u tell me.what?because of the word a lass?well,im not the only lady around here,kn?then,i know i must apologies for this,sorry for posting this a liltle bit too late,last night i was so dayyyym busy with assignments and etc.lucky u!tonight im FREE!and i hardly can think of the reason why i think i need to write something here.haha.FYI,i get my friends to read mine and yours.they said,"hey!its OBVIOUSLY you,ur the one that he's been talking about larh silly..."i don't think so.why?burok sangke tak cium bau syurga,oke? yes,aku blagak suci.
im sorry to write here that through out the session of when they were reading that post,my lappy had suffered a huge heart attack!dah hampir retak dek suara laungan jihad dorg!adeyyy.haha.u got what i mean,kn?maybe dorg ader xpuas hati siket kot with some of the statements and claims.and i was in a total 100m away from them when the session is on.haha.then suddenly,they shout,"fynn!!!he call u KOLOT!ko balas weh!ko balas!ko ckp,ko berfikir berlandaskan syariat bukan pandangan nafsu semata.ko takkan buat statement if its not proven to be true.bukan senang2 keluar dalil sendiri."guys,chill larh!he might be right in some ways,oke?
"fynnnn!"lagi?"knape dye letak ayat tentang ta'aruf kt sni???tade kaitan"haha?tipu lah korg!dye takkan letak klu benda tuh sumer tade kaitan.mesti ader point dyer kt situh tuh..."weyh,apesal yang ko bela dye sgt nih?dye da jelas salah,kan?takkan ko pon nak menidakkan the truth??!whats wrong with u?"

mcm nih,sahabatku.sekarang,kita tak tahu lagi whether the post is subjected to me or someone else.maybe it is just an unbelivable coincident(well,it happens,kan).we don't have to be so sceptic and blame him for the thing that he doesn't meant.brape kali nak ckp?buruk sangka,tak cium bau syurga.and if he does meant it for me,well its weird to say but somehow im glad.why?at least he did read it and aku dah kire berdakwah,kan?nak terima ke tak,thats he's problem.kenapa kita perlu memaki hamun sesama sendiri and make thing worst?rasulullah ajar kita mcm tuh,ker?bukankah baginda mengatakan,kita perlu berdakwah dengan hikmah dan bijaksana,bukan kekerasan.tentang harshness yg diterima,kutukan,abaikan je.rasulullah dulu lagi trok,siap kne baling najis,kena pukul...jadi,aper yang membuatkan kita terganggu dengan hanya kata-kata?dalam buku La Tahzan,ader terangkan,lagi banyak kiter kne kutok,caci or maki, lagi tinggi darjat kiter.nonsense,huh?think bout it this way,compare cacian yang diterima oleh seorang pelajar asasi undang-undang uitm dengan aper yang perlu seorang pemimpin negara it?( aku nih wat assignment bel313 pown oke nih!haha)sabarlah sahabatku sekalian,inilah dugaan dalam berdakwah,takkan semua boleh terima pandangan kita dengan begitu saja.namun,tetaplah yakin dengan aper yg korg percaya selama ini. :)
apa yang penting,jangan paksa seseorang itu menerima sesuatu dengan sekali gus.don't expect people will change by a slip of words.that only happens in movies,not in real life.eventhough Islam ckp,laa ikrahafiddin ketahuilah,maksudnya,tiada paksaan dalam memeluk agama islam. tapi it is not stated that tiada paksaan dalam melaksanakan suruhan Allah setelah beragama islam.jadi,once ur commit to islam,segala perkara fardhu adalah wajib bagimu.

Allah telah berfirman dalam surah Al-Isra' ayat 32 iaitu :
"Dan janganlah kamu menghampiri zina, sesungguhnya zina itu adalah satu perbuatan yang keji dan satu jalan yang jahat (yang membawa kerosakan)."

jawapan yang diterima?bila maser ktorg zina?pgg tgn pon x!n,some even agree...merindui itu juga dikira sbg zina hati,by all means =zina.

Dan janganlah kamu campur adukkan yanghak dengan yang batil dan janganlah kamusembunyikan yang hak itu, sedang kamumengetahui.(Al-Baqarah ayat 42)
Surah Al-A'raf ayat 20 :
"Setelah itu maka Syaitan membisikkan (hasutan) kepada mereka berdua supaya (dapatlah) dia menampakkan kepada mereka akan aurat mereka yang (sekian lama) tertutup dari (pandangan) mereka, sambil dia berkata: Tidaklah Tuhan kamu melarang kamu daripada (menghampiri) pokok ini, melainkan (kerana Dia tidak suka) kamu berdua menjadi malaikat atau menjadi dari orang-orang yang kekal (selama-lamanya di dalam Syurga)."
Mengikut kaedah usul fiqh, sesuatu yang membawa kepada haram, maka hukumnya haram. So, equation ber'couple' sebelum nikah adalah :

couple = menghampiri zina
menghampiri zina = haram
maka, couple = haram (very simple equation)
and to clear thing up,nak based on al-quran sgt,kan?(didn't i just include it before?)again lar,klu mcm tuh.and this is ayat for batasan pergaulan.FYI(which i believe most of us know),setiap ayat al quran ada tertahluk untuk certain issue tuh,bukan sumer boleh pakai redah jer nak letak maner,nak defend korg punyer arguement tuh.takkan ayat pasal haji nak letak dkt larangan berpuasa kot?so,here is the function of ulama(as they know better than us all),to tell us which are suitable and which are not.nih yang jadi ayah pin nih.

Dan (juga) kaum Ad dan Tsamud, dan sungguh telah nyata bagi kamu (kehancuran mereka) dari (puing-puing) tempat tinggal mereka. Dan setan menjadikan mereka memandang baik perbuatan-perbuatan mereka, lalu ia menghalangi mereka dari jalan (Allah), sedangkan mereka adalah orang-orang yang berpandangan tajam.(Surah Al-Anakabut,Surah 29, ayat 38)
tak ckup lagi?
Al-Baqarah,ayat 216..
Diwajibkan atas kamu berperang, padahal berperang itu adalah sesuatu yang kamu benci. Boleh jadi kamu membenci sesuatu, padahal ia amat baik bagimu, dan boleh jadi (pula) kamu menyukai sesuatu, padahal ia amat buruk bagimu; Allah mengetahui, sedang kamu tidak mengetahui.
yang nih,aku plg suka :)
niat tak pernah menghalalkan cara. Yang batil tetap sahaja batil, yang haq tetap haq.meskipun niat kita baik,nak kenal hati budi larh,n so,caranya tetap salah.

lagi satu,kepada blogger tersebut or any one yang offended by my last post,do receive my greatest apologies.mintak maaf banyak,yer.i must watch my words from now on.(hee...aku igt,just org yang makan cili jer yg mkn pds..adeyyy)aku tegur kepada pasangan yang bergaul melebihi batas agama,bukan pasangan yang claim dorg 'kaple secara islamic'.so,sekali lagi maaf.entahlah,aku nak komen lebih pon tak brani,nak buat hukum lagi what syawal had said,we're not mujtahid ;p but,if u still doesn't satisfy,and strongly believe that we are all in a total lost,why don't you ask for answers at web iluvislam?i believe it is well-known.ask anything there.say what u dont really agree with and ask them to explain.but,if it still doesnt change your way of look at this issue,maybe there is something wrong.its whether me or you.i won't stop seeking for the truth as well.yelah,hanya Allah Maha Mengetahui akan kalam-Nya.
BUKAN PERKATAAN 'COUPLE' ITU YANG MEMBUATKAN HUKUMNYA HARAM MELAINKAN PERBUATAN KETIKA BER'COUPLE' ITU SENDIRI. Jika anda tidak ber'couple' sekali pun anda dilarang bergaul bebas tanpa batas syara' antara lelaki dan wanita ajnabi.

Monday, August 3, 2009


a quick sneak peak ;p

Greeting peeps.just so u know,BTN had been cancelled.yeyyy me!yes,but on the other hand,i have to spend 5days here in shah alam.great.mad?i certainly was.but,what can i do?only God know how much do i long to go home.home!i miss mama...ayah...adek(s)...cry?sorry,i won't.imma tough girl.imma big girl.fullstop

Home Lost Pictures, Images and Photos

Allow me to blog in BM,thanks.Obviously,i haven't use it for quite a long time.Will i sound the same with BM?definitely not.why?u find out yourself :)

Aku tak tahu sama ada korg sedar atau tak konflik yang berlaku dalam hidup aku kebelakangan talk about it kenapa fikiranku,hatiku,agamaku?haha.mcm nak buat review untuk buku pulak.oke,aku serius.aku tak tahu apa yang kebanyakan gadis di luar sana sedang alami.tapi,aku tahu apa gadis-gadis di sekeliling aku sedang lalui.ya,itu termasuk diri aku sendiri.


Bila saja topik ini dibahas,begitu banyak respon yang diberi.kenapa?entah.aku sendiri masih keliru.tapi,apa yang aku tahu,hal ini sangat mempengaruhi kehidupan aku.dan juga ramai lagi remaja di luar sana(yang takkan pernah baca blog aku!).pertama sekali,tahukah anda, COUPLE itu HARAM???kebanyakan daripada kita tahu,tetapi masih menidakkannya.kenapa?N.A.F.S.U.sekarang,aku lihat ramai sahabatku sudah punya pasangan masing-masing.sudah punya sweetheart.malah,bagi yang tidak,mereka seolah-olah sedang mencari dengan sangat rakus.seolah-olah janji tuhan tentang jodoh itu palsu.sehinggakan,seorang sahabatku ini,boleh dikatakan agak alim tentang agama,terlepas pandang tentang kenyataan ini.dia sanggup menggadai kepercayaannya selama ini demi kasih seorang insan bernama hawa pula asyik bermanja-manjaan ketika berbual untuk memikat hati si adam.berpakaian seksi.bertempuk-tampar sesama sendiri.saling bermesej,saling menghabiskan duit semata-mata untuk top up sehingga rm10 sehari...

cemburukah aku?mungkin.tak,sangat.aku masih ingat dengan jelas perasaan orang bercinta.sangat indah.mungkin aku terlupa ketika itu,cinta tuhan itu lebih INDAH.ya,mungkin juga aku terlupa akan janji tuhan tentang jodoh.ya Allah,ampunilah diriku.selama ini,aku terlupa,aku terkhilaf.seringkali,aku terlupa akan batas agama.aku terlupa tentang syariatnya.aku lupa,ya rabb,bahawa lelaki dan perempuan itu hanya dibenarkan berbicara sekiranya ada keperluan.aku lupa,bahawa memandang lelaki itu(dengan nafsu),adalah zina mata.aku tidak sedar dengan merindui lelaki itu adalah zina hati.bersentuhan,apatah lagi...sesungguhnya,akulah hambamu yang sering terlupa...

tetapi,aku juga sedih.mengapa sahabatku yang dulunya sering mengingatkan aku tentang kuasa Allah,yang selalu menyedarkan aku dengan janji-janji tuhan,dan yang sentiasa membawa aku kembali kepada hadis dan quran kian menjauh.adakah dia tidak lagi percaya dengan apa yang dia pegang selama ini?atau,ada sesuatu yang mengganggumu,wahai sahabat?siapakah aku untuk menegur.hanya insan biasa yang selalu melupakan penciptanya.namun,jauh di sudut hati ingin aku berpesan...

"wahai sahabatku,perasaan cinta sesama manusia itu sememangnya indah.bahkan aku sebagai insan biasa juga pernah melalui fasa itu.ketika itu semuanya baik belaka.kekasih hati adalah segalanya.bagiku,dialah jodohku,soulmateku.siang malam tidak boleh berjauhan.setiap masa merinduinya dan menunggu waktu untuk bertemu.di bibirku hanya namanya yang terucap.bayangannya di mana-mana.aku tahu itu semua.

namun,sahabatku...ketahuilah,masih belum masanya.kita masih di peringkat untuk belajar.yakinlah pada janji Illahi bahawa jodoh itu telah ditetapkan tuhan.sesungguhnya perbuatan ini adalah perbuatan yang menghampiri zina.dan sesungguhnya,zina adalah perbuatan yang terkutuk.ketahuilah,syaitan tidak akan pernah berhenti dalam menghasut kita untuk terjun bersama-samanya di neraka nanti.boleh jadi sesuatu yang baik bagimu itu adalah buruk bagimu.tiada yang lebih indah daripada cinta Ilahi."