Saturday, July 14, 2012

Half way there!

Second year in law school was no joke *serious face*. Been busy as hell,as you can see.Don't even have time to update my blog. I only have 4 final paper but all four are killer subjects. Folks, I spent  almost every nights of the study week at the library(ptar) and when that happen(me going to the library), it is a serious matter. There's a high probability that I'm gonna have to re-seat 1 or maybe 2 papers unless some miracle decided to butt in. Which in this case,I'm on my knees.  

 Here's some of my haggard faces during the tortures period.

See,close to tears.
 Most pictures were taken at 2-3 am.yeah,AM.

Now that it finally ended, please tell me a regain my shine back? :(

I am still in shah alam and will be back in few days,maybe on monday. Yes, I am excited about semester break, ramadhan, raya and all but the one month attachment, I'm not sure about that. Please Lord, don't let it be dreadful. Oh, did I mention that one of my bestfriends is going to get engaged this September?No? Well, she is and I am 20% happy and 80% depressed. Why, I shall tell about it later.Until then,keep wondering ;)