Thursday, November 26, 2009

its New Moon & Eid!

hey guys!salam...hows it going?i really hope that u guys are doing fine,especially during this raya haji.sebabnyer,trust me,u got a lot of eating to be done!!!haha.ya....not funny~

oke,apa-apa pun,janganlah men-tekedaghah terok sangat ye,even dapat daging free dad buat korban this year,and i definitely not going to witness u-know-what-gonna-happen tuh. gila kaw!first,there will be like A LOT of blood.....uuuwwww...hell,forget it.second,kalau aku kesian tengok nanti aku tak bisa makan itu lembu!huahuahuahau ;D




i'm so looking forward to watch this movie!even i already downloaded the first part of it,but i think i'm gonna save it for next week!nak tengok sama classmates terchenta!hebatnya aku...dapat tahan!

dulu,masa tengok twilight,sangat excitednak tengok new moon nih!yup,of course sebab citer nih best but beside that,the main reason is


lol.i know~

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hows my poker face?

. Pictures, Images and Photos

U know guys,sometimes in life we have to pretend to be somebody else in order to fit in with others.

and,guess what?


uhh...seriously,sampai bila do i have to put up this fat juicy yet FAKE smile??!as much as i like to be nice to everyone,i do have my very own agenda and a LIFE rather than to please others je.FYI,i really hate those people who take friends for long as i satisfied your needs,i'm in?what the F with that?ouh,please!don't act as if the world is yours la babe~rimas!rimas!!!

one more thing,stop disturbing my life la EX!you are totally the past and there is where u ought to stay!even just to think of u as my friend makes me wanna puke!haha.that bad,huh?u tell me.stop being sweet and flirty bcus to me,its nothing but lame,irritating,and the most of it, PATHETIC!in case u haven't notice yet,i'm so over u like....let me see,a millions decades ago?!

i really hope that i made it CLEAR this time around to both of u~

haihhhh...tsukareta! =_='

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Fynn,Aira dan Tabi~


giler aku takde mood nak berblogging. idea apetah lagi aku just nak wish congrate dkt my super duper cute sis macam kakak dye nih jugak....

OMEDETO!!!sebab dapat 5A!!!

im veryyyy proud of u la weyyyy...hadiah?tggu elaun masok ;D

currently, aku tengah suffer penyakit angau...cousin aku yg jangkitkan!hihik~

p/s:ini gamba palsu semata-mata ;D

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A step towards optimism.

Greeting are u doing?*sigh*unbelievably, it has been almost a week since i checked in room and a whole new package of roommates didn't bother me as bad as i though it would be.well, thank God, indeed i think i'm liking it this way.haha.don't ask why.the atmosphere are totally different and surprisingly things keep getting better.which is extremely good for me.guess,life in uitm is not that bad after all.but still,i'm not planning to continue my degree anywhere near


lagi?subjects are getting tougher especially Economics.darn it!the lecturer pon tak best sangat but nevermind,i'll try to catch up.and,that's mean by myself la nampaknya...*sigh*gosh!another bloody semester to go and off i it or not,this time kenalah work my ass more silly mistakes like more low carry marks and stupid whining from this unbearable mouth of mine.hahah!sengal la kalau kena tukar kos lain.pathetic~

Happier Pictures, Images and Photos

all and all,life sangat fun each days!so far,la kan...classmates?they're fine but...there is this conflict with some of the outsiders yang very the annoying laa! sangat kasihan melihat mereka. wtv.i don't wanna give a shit~till then,do miss me cus i will not be onlin-ing often.

p/s:my compulsive obsession towards Tabi is too much.&&.i'm loving it!woohoot^^MyEm0.Com

p/s/s: guys,next eid aku balek perlis,okay!damn,dpt seat blakang skalik =_='

Friday, November 13, 2009

Shit happens,but life goes on...

frankly,i don't know where to start,and obviously how to~well,my emotion mmg sangat tak stabil sekarang nih.and,of course,it's about the result.hadoyyy...i just wish i could be so optimistic that i could use this frustation as a boost for me to work harder but somehow,i can't defy my feeling.

early in the morning lagi,budak-budak asasi dah memekak terlolong kat facebook pasal result dah boleh check...dalam hati,tuhan je la yg taw...baru semalam jeh panas hati dengan management kolej yang sangat lousy tuh,hari nih i have to face the result for my first semester pulak!and,here it comes...


ya,u got it.people sumer expect that i'm gonna get good result but,its rather instead!!!tadi,i was okay jeh,but now...i can't help but mourning over my bad result...thinking of others yang super and extremely succeeded in their first sem make me so damn jealous!so,i decide not think much about it.but,people keeps on asking!!!and that torture me terribly well! >,<

*bukti.ym aku tak lekang dengan pertanyaan sampai ke mlm

kalo result oke,xpe gak...boleh jeh aku brag sana-sini macam orang tuh.ahhh,fynnn!dah,jangan nak mengutok orang...dah la result hampeh,nak buat dosa lak!*istighfar*ampunnn^^
so,aku buat la analisis,kenapa orang lain boleh dapat dean list,and aku perlukan lagi 1.1??!

in other words;alasan-alasan nak blame orang lain. ;D
1 > aku tak dapat soalan bocor macam most people!lalalala~
2 > lecturer BEL saya pilih kasih! dan kedekot markah! >,<
3 > carry mark bersama kumpulan saya tak boleh blah punya~
4 >lecturers orang lain best!lecturers aku,no comment.huhu
5 >u*tm tak sistematik!hoho

all in all,daripada pemerhatian aku,hipotesis yang dapat aku buat,defendant dalam case nih,de facto,non other than.....


tak boleh nak salahkan orang lain.sebab bukan orang lain yang ambik exam.kaw sendiri,Fynn oi! suka atau tak,tu la usaha kaw...jadi,sekarang whether kaw move on and learn something about this or either teruskan bersedih sebab gagal buat kali ni dan ulang lagi keputusan macam ni untuk semester depan!so,my advice to myself...stop envying others and move on.what done is done.u have so many things to do to catch up.remain humble as u should and never give up.failed once,doesn't means forever a failure.think about it.every clouds has a silver lining and thats because there's always a blessing n disguise^^ape aku merapu nih?aiyakkk~dah2...move your butt your ass off!or more proper,work hard,darlings (:

p.s. i haven't told my mom!wooohooot^_~

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

i spent my evening,cursing!

as much as i pretend to hate cursing,it some sort of make me feeling better.cus u know,we rarely get a correct choices of words to express our,make good use of every single of ' lets look from the good site of it,at least im not trying to be a pretender.suka hati people nak judge aper,try me!see if i care...

what really got me on my nerve is the slumpiest management that eyes ever witness in the whole universe!take that.when i was in high school dulu,i was like...OMG,this is bad.nothing could be worst.but now,hey!dream came true!great,huhhh?of course i'm not expecting this...lebih-lebih lagi,from a well-known institution which i'm studying at.and,be sure that,u guys doesn't even have a clue which one is it.please,i don't wanna get sue! ;D


its hard to believe it but,tell u what.none of my colleagues know anything or being given any stupid notice that i use to hate,about when we are supposed to head back there and get ourself register!not to mention how clearance was greatly working management,huhhh guys?em,do i have to mention about your concern on how we are suppose to register courses,paying bills and etc.?not to forget,date on when examination result are out...that's a very nice of u to forget the fact that this is our second semester which by all means we are freshly new here!!!seriously,have u ever notice?ouh,i forgot...the grunge from the so called BTN thingy...u haven't get over it,didn't u?well,guess what?


*sigh*leave it.this is a regular thing that constantly happens to those people whos on top.they expect much and give little,or approximately nothing back.what else can i do except for whining kan..thank god,i got one more sem to go...phewwww...


p.s. >tadi maser tgk dashboard,byk btol blog yang aku suda follow.and some sgt membosankan. plus,u guys doesn't even know that im following u kot.therefore,im gonna stop doing case ur wondering~

and,,,,,thanks a bunch for this award! ^^


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

You are NOT alone...

slm peeps (:

this last week at home really stress me out.but,nothing that i can't handle*winks*.and,thank god my ideas and old memories keeps coming back into my super unpacked tiny little brain.hahah.
oke,tadi masa aku login myspace( suda tak ber-ms!) i came across this undeniably long comment about something yang aku nak sampaikan kat korang semua.islamic saja,oke? :) first time aku baca nih,i was thrill.meremang bulu roma kot!haha.rasanya dah banyak kali aku cita nih kat orang kot.and,u guys pon sure pernah dengar.but,anyways to yang tak pernah dengar,do read this.and,take note and have a deep thought on words in RED.

kisah ni,berlaku suatu masa dulu(which i never gonna finds out exactly when) kat US or Amerika. there was this young lady(malaysian and proudly muslim) who studied there.what course,idk?never thought to ask.haha!so,suatu malam ni,she decided untuk stay lama sikit dekat stuff,u know...nak dijadikan citer,dah lewat and library pon dah nak,dia kena balik.and,ironically, lambat punya pasal,dia kena ikut short cut.luckily,rumah dia tak laaa jauh sangat.but that pathway,sangat gelap.nama pun malam...

nak tak nak,kena la jugak lalu...sebab,kalau nak patah balik memang lagi jauh la jawabnye...half way there,dia nampak sorang mamat omputih nih tengah masyuk teguk air dalam botol.pandai-pandai korang la nak tafsir air tuh air aper...kalau koranglah,sebagai seorang perempuan,nampak sorang mat salleh yang menakutkan yang tengah mabuk kat tengah-tengah lorong yang gelap dan sunyi dan korang takde pilihan selain lalu je sebab mamat tuh dah nampak....aper korang nak buat?patah balik dan jerit sekuat hati....kalau aku la kan...haha

but,perempuan tuh jalan jugak.dalam hati,tuhan jeh yang tahu.waktu tuh,dia baca ayat kursi,berserah je kat Allah supaya lelaki tadi tuh tak apa-apakan dia.waktu dia jalan depan laki tuh,dia nampak laki tuh pandang-pandang dia.alhamdulillah,dia selamat sampai kat rumah. tapi,besoknya,dia bacer paper,ader brite pasal seorang wanita dirogol.yang anehnya,kejadian tuh berlaku kat lorong yang dia lalu semalam about ten minutes after she passed it.and,the wrong-doer was obviously,lelaki mabuk yang sama. so,dia pegi la balai polis untuk cam the raper tuh..

dekat balai,she can't stop wondering why lelaki tu tak rogol dia instead.sebab,she was alone that time and she would make a perfect victim to him.then,dia mintak permission untuk cakap with that guy."Why did u let me go?i was alone too that time.."that guy give her a smirk.

"No u are not.if u were,u will surely be my victim.last night,i saw u walked with two men by your side."

Hey,sushi lovers!

refreshment,shall we?haha.for those who haven't seems to know anything about this,keep on reading.this sure is interesting for us,sushi
lovers! *i still love it*

well,i'm gonna give u a clue on what u'll about to read.em,let just say;u might need a bucket or a pail.

This is a true case of a Japanese man from Gifu Prefecture who incessantly about a persistent headache. Mr. Shota Fujiwara loves his sashimi and sushi very
much to the extent of trying to get them as "alive and fresh" as can be for his insatiable appetite. He developed a severe headache, but for the past three years had put it off as migraine and stress from work.It was only when he started losing his phsyco-motor skills that he sought medical help. A brain scan and x-ray revealed little however. But upon closer inspection by a specialist on his scalp, the Doctor noticed small movements beneath his skin. It was then that the Doctor did a local anaesthetic to his scalp and discovered the cause!

do promise me,u will not stop eating sushi after this,pleaseeee....

Tiny tapeworms crawled out! Major surgery was thus immediately called for and the extent of the infestation was horrific!

this definitely reminds me of why i start hating to eat ikan pari yang comel! it got tapeworms too!thanks to NG for the info.tell u what, u guys doesn't have to stop eating fishes n stuffs!just start COOKING it for real.yup.masak kasik betol-betol masak ye....tat tapeworm akan mati on certain temperature which i choose to it up kalau nak hypothesis,a real high temperature.*i don't know how to cook,jangan tanya aku!*

p/s: sushi anyone?

Monday, November 9, 2009

Because u love me!

Mom it's your birthday
Thanks for all the care and love you give,
not to mention the meals,
and times I get kinda' nervous
and forget to tell you how I feel

I'm a little high strung
just because I'm young
Mom I adore ya
and I'll do anything for ya...

Although my brothers make me frantic,
With every single crazy antic
and when I'm bouncing off the walls,
your the one who stays calm

Because you love me for who I am
I'll always love you mom......

I know my mom wants the best for her kids, so much so, that it seems overbearing at times. I appreciate everything she has done for me and continues to do for me. If it weren’t for her I would be finding it hard to go to school, work in the union and hang out with all my friends. She gave me a place to stay and focus on my goals. As much as I don’t want to show her, because of her mind set in knowing it all, I owe her a lot of credit.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Megan Fox,kalahkan Kelantan & banjir!

reminder : *these shots are not taken at any island,but on a real LAND near Thailand*

Perlis laa wey!hometown of mine ;(

and,the last pic shows a river.a bloody floody river!

i know,winter is coming,so i expected snow but pffffftttt....Malaysia ader salji ker?so,we got this. days before aku tengok berita tv3,Kelantan jeh yang banjir.banggg!Perlis kena jugak rupenya...
last time banjir terok jadi kat Perlis nih,kalau tak salah,masa aku high school lagi...waktu tuh aku kena pindah kot!sebab rumah aku dah jadik cam rumah terapung dah waktu tuh.lawa! ;D
hopefully,this year tak kena pindah!*crossed fingers*at least,tak as bas as flood in Kelantan.tu laa...saiko laa team bola sepak Singa Utara lagi...tapi,takpe,sebab kaw dah kalah dengan N. Sembilan kesayangan aku semalam,aku kesian jugaklah kat korang.U guys should see how happy my mum semalam masa N9 menang!orang nogoghiii~

okelah,aku taw korg bace post nih,pasal Megan Fox je pon,,dalam kebanjiran nih,aku tetiba baik hati nak kasik korang tengok Megan Fox yang download movie "Jennifer's Body".Citer nih mmg super duper besh.taw la sebab aper kan?*smirk*

p/s:lelaki dilarang download!bhahahaha

Megan Fox ( Jennifers Body) Pictures, Images and Photos


Saturday, November 7, 2009

Benda putih apa tu??!

Malam Jumaat lepas,aku keluar dengan sorang kawan aku nih.Nak dijadikan citer,ktorg balik agk lewat lah...Aku parking keta dkt tepi jalan jeh.Aku ingat lagi,time tuh mmg gelap giler....seram gak.dahlah ktorg dua-dua pompan...*sigh*kalaulah ader boyfriend,kan senang!ahaha ;D oke,nak tak nak kena jugak lah ktorg jln dlm gelap,kalau tak memang stuck kat situ tak leh balek la jawabnyerr...

Meager Pictures, Images and Photos

aku tak sedar pulak kenapa,tapi,tetiba,kitorg menjerit-jerit macam kena kejar perogol bersiri sambil lari kat keta!!!pheeeewwww....tuhan jeh tahu betapa lajunya jantung aku berdegup!nasib baik ktorg selamat masok dlm keta.bila dah masuk,masing-masing gelak nak pecah perot kot!!! haihhh...tercungap-cungap aku pon tak habes gi...pastu,


aku tak tahu bunyik tuh dari mana,tapi ktorg tgk kiri kanan,tempat tuh mmg kosong!pastu tetiba aku tingat citer ustazah aku dulu...korang nak tahu tak citer tuh???tak yah laaa...nanti korg seram nak drive kat highway dah...sambong2~aper lagi,ikotkan hati memang nak lari pecot 100meter jeh waktu tuh.alahai,nasib la...masok gear,aku drive selaju yang mungkin....masa dalm keta,kawan aku memang nak nangis dah pon.dia cakap,nampak benda putih kat masa dia toleh belakang tadi...aku no comment.ko nak aku pandang belakang lagi kerr???NO WAY!memang ktorg pasang surah yasin g...haha.thanks to handphone kesayangan aku....

lepas hantar dia,aku pecot lagi...alhamdulillah,selamat sampai rumah.pastuh,masa aku nak keluar keta,aku prasan ader benda putih kat cermin belakang!sial kaw!takkan dia ikot aku balek kot??!ikotlah kawan tuh...tapi,macam kena rasuk,kaki aku bergerak sendiri pegi belakang kereta.OMG!and,bila je aku nampak benda tuh dengan jelas,rasa macam nak pengsan dah.kaki aku memang lembik masa tuh,terketar-ketar tangan aku weh!betullah apa yang org dorg cerita semalam...

"Dia berjalan menghampiri tempat parking, membuka kereta dan masuk kedalamnya. Dia start engine kereta dan bersedia untuk berundur. Bila dia tengok cermin belakang untuk melihat kawasan belakang, dia dapati ada benda putih yg melekat ditengah2 cermin belakang menghalang pandangannya..

Jadi dia parking balik kereta, buka pintu dan keluar untuk menanggalkan apa jua benda tadi. Bila dia sampai dibahagian belakang kereta, pada masa itulah PENCURI keluar dari tempat sembunyinya, masuk kedalam kereta dan memecut pergi"

syukurlah aku tak keluar pegi tengok benda putih yang kawan aku nampak tadi...hanya sekeping kertas yang dilekatkan di cermin belakang.kalau tak,mesti nasib aku mcm lelaki malang tu,dan tak pasal-pasal,kawan aku tuh kena jual kat Siam.So,guys!walaupun cita nih hanya hiperbola daripada aku,tapi ini kisah benar.taktik baru penjenayah nak mencuri kereta.ingat,tym korg keluar tuh,korg punya belonging semua ader dlm keta,cash,ic and everything.orang jahat tuh mungkin akan rempuh jeh korg yg terkial-kial nak cabut kertas tuh kat belakang...jadi,ingatlah.bukan semua benda putih tuh hantu,it might be kertas yang digunakan pencuri yang semakin hari semakin bijak untuk melaksanakan plan jahatnya.
Pesan aku,satu jeh,whether hantu ke kertas keh.kan orang tua-tua cakap,benda pelik nih,tak baik biar jeh!dan pecut pergi,lepas tuh baru check!paling penting,ingat Allah sentiasa :)

*credit to Nazrin yang kasik aku emel pasal nih*

Friday, November 6, 2009

I need some space!

u can choose to ignore this post as this is going to be 100 %-ly on my updates and swear to God,it's gonna be boring~i just like to do this in case someone finds out that what bored others bout me, entertain him well.u know what i mean.false hope*sigh*looks,i don't wanna sound anymore pathetic than this so,let's move on.

in a blink of an eye,pffffttt.what am i thinking? has been a month since i leave shah alam for good.sem break lah weyy!as i left uitm as far as i could (well,i went far enough) so did i left my brain and my 'never exist study's lust' which i proudly admitting it to u right now.while everyone else is worrying about what's going to happen on the next new semester and continuously preparing themselves by reading i must say,stacks of lame law books,journals and etc. ,i'm just giggling every second of my life in front of the internet.enough description,i expect?


well,booo ya!MUET's test is on SATURDAY!omg!i'm anxious!!! hell yeah,i'm faking it.u got me~ *white flag* these fellas speak their anxious out loud that i can tell almost everyone of them taking this death serious.again,of course...because this will mark if we are qualify enough to continue our degree in LAW next year. it did worry me,but not that much.i haven't do my revision,any practice,neither reading or anything.idk.its not that i'm going to turn into a bitch and start bragging about i'm soooooo good at english that this won't bother just i'm undergoing some state of mind where i can hardly see what is crucial for me.done.anyhow,do pray for my success.i'm targeting band 5,and note that i have to get at least band 4 to proceed or else,im dead simple as that.


done with muet topic,omg! idk my life could be this be exact,my life at Law faculty in Uitm.we got our very own paparazzi! nice move.haha!aiming to serve readers with the hottest gossips and super entertainment news on our fellow a-SASSY-an(asasi-an/foundation program's students),our GOSSIP GALS aka GG is here and they're ready to rock the whole fac.~idk about u,but i'll watch out every moves of mine starting now.of course,i don't wanna be featured on their site,for God sake.there has been some sort of controversional issues that resulted their first blog to be deleted but the young spirit refuse to stop and now,they're up for more juicy gossips and so ever.anyway,stay off my butt,then u'll be,i'm nothing to be reported on.


guess,my faith in karma(thanks claire,for the meaning) does worth it.well,what can i say,it's getting back to you,huhhh?u know,last time it happened, the pain was so deep as it takes decades to heal...but now,it somehow appears to be sweeter than revenge.well,u must have heard this somewhere; "what goes around,do comes around".kesian kan?

ouh,don't hate me (:MyEm0.Com