Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Leaving so soon...

duhh!it's wednesday already!im heading back to shah alam this morning.EXACTLY at 9!,huhh?you tell me.huhhh.what a FUSS!and dont ask me why am i still not sleeping.tommorow,i had to go on the bus early in the day and my journey will take about 8hours,what do you think i can do except for sleeping???get the idea already?good.uhhh...thinking of BTN make me sick!i don't wanna go there.most people said it was great.yeah,right.but,never for me.for all my life,i haven't been into any of the camp which i got a great group.indeed,everyone turns out to have lots of fun but me.anyway,still looking forward to it.this might turns out well.*sigh* so,terengganu,here i come!
this hols was a bit frustrating cus i didn't have the chance to hang out with my girls,i mean,4days in perlis just doesn't seems enough.also,im wondering why doesn't friends from matriculation beep me or something.i know they are all here and having such a great TWO weeks of hols...did they forget me already?ouh!of course,they've met new friends..haha!life.*sigh*and the news about a friend of mine who got involved in accident do a bit much bother me.takziah to her family.FYI,her father,God can take life whenever he wants.take note!so,forgive me if i've done wrong :)
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lagi?bla...bla...bla...n yess,FINALLY!elaun dah masok!yeyyy!(there u go,some FAKE excitement)rm1000,doesn't sound enough,huhh?u tell me.what else should i write?duhhh!im blank.ok lah,until i get my lappy back,n back from that tempting camping,take care.

Monday, July 27, 2009

I'm HOME!!!

shaha.i know,some of you don't like to hear that,but face it!last night(8p.m. saturday) i finally reached home.pheww...what a journey!yah,finally i decided not to take the train and burned the ticket though.i didn't go with them.i stay at my Pak Uda's house at seremban for one night.i took the bus.huhhh.i hate bus!it makes me dizzy.& want to puke!i don't know how's the BTN trip is going to deal with me.hush.tell nobody or else they don't want to seat with me,later!,to come back to the story,i thought a night stand at my uncle's house would mean bad luck.why?dont you know?he got like,i don't know...three KIDS!!!i mean,hell im going to die.but,thinking that otherwise i have to go on a train with a bunch of people that i dislike,i rather meeting the kiddos ;p(didn't i tell u that im allergic to them???u dont dare put them near me!)
so,here it come.Pak Uda told me that he's going to pick me up at 11am and as i expected,there you go,11am SHARP,he was waiting for me in front of Mawar's little gate.heee.he's a leftenan in airforce,,i follow him to INTAN.pick some of his buddies.then off to seremban.ouh,i skipped the part which i have to sit and have a drink with a bunch of old and RICH granpas,yahh,it was BORING!but i did some eye-flirting with some(for future sake).haha!dirty me.i did get this datuk to treat me juice(real one,ok!)!*winks*then,i pegi melawat tempat baju batek uitm dibuat,ok!hahaha.x excited pon,larhh!
sampai depan rumah uda,(omg!lamer xpost dlm BM :))i saw...CHILDREN.deadliest challenge for me!ouh,God,help me to cope...then,amazingly,god did hear my prayer.nahhh.he didn't take away the children but they were actually acting NICE to me.unlike other kiddos!im in a total shock!my favourite is Syafiq(why must this name?)he was soooo sweeet!
syafiq : akak fyna,jom ar pegi mall.
me : no larhhh,akak penat.nak titow,dear.
syafiq : akak tanak pegi,syafiq pon tanak pegi lah.ibu!syafiq tanak pegi,nk teman akak fyna.
me : syafiq pegi larrr,rugi ouh!
syafiq : syafiq nak teman akak fina.syafiq pon ngantok.nak titow jugak.
awww!cm tak cayer i can finally manje2 dgn budak.i mean,seriously,B-U-D-A-K! ;p here's the pic.Syafiq is in red.the other is Syauqat.little bro :)
overall,my stay was a total blast except for the fact that i left my lappy there.damn!journey in the bus?SUCKS.i dont want to talk about it AT lucky that i didnt puke on anyone else.or i'll get kick out of the that i'm home,i feel like im back into my palace once again.still haven't have time for hanging out with friends.some have had me booked.2 dates in line.hahaha!dgn scandal,yes.but,no way a bf-to-be.mum?she keeps stuff-ing me with her cooks.which is very fine as i had suffered from a great hunger in shah don't know where,but he seems to have every single fruits of my favourites all over the house.from rambutans to tembikaiii!sisters?so far,they didn't do much harms to me.and,i got packs of chocolates from langkaweee^^
plus,they also subscribe some new channel for me!hey yeyyy!but,still the renovation in my room haven't yet a bit dissapointed but,its okay larhhh.everything is good enough.feels good to be home...

Sunday, July 26, 2009

White Flag For U! :)

White flag,huhhh?yep,I'M SORRY.for what?my previous posts.i know,they're fulled of spites and hates,therefore,please FORGET it.i eat my words back.i don't know what got into worries,not yet being scolded.not yet get into fight.before all that to happen,please accept my sincere not going to say im a normal human being that always make mistakes,but im going to stress that im an ordinary that i constanly keeps doing thing without thinking.i shouldn't have say those make me sound even stupid-er,i sorry that i failed to control my sorry for the wrong thing that i've done.and im sorry for things that i've said.the rest is up to u.again,i won't say even the prophet,rasulullah,forgive his umat.because i fully understand that your are a human being,so...i won't mind if u cant forgive me.afterall,it's my fault.still,im going to say im SORRY.

Friday, July 24, 2009

stupid selfish!

shit!asshole!fucker!slut!bitchhhhhhhhhh!heeee...lega!excuse my words.i can't hold it no more!!!some people just NEED to be curse to think rationally!!!i wonder what they actually have in their head.but,one thing for sure,it wasn't a brain!stupid.seriously,woman!how do you scored in spm?or they made mistakes while marking your papers???well,it A LOT!uhhhh!don't ask me what gets me so fucking mad!im going to tell you, you might know,my train to perlis is on jumaat,8 p.m. means,besok!!!!lalalala...i was so damn excited about this for the pass three month until this last week before i jump on the train.urghhh.FYI,i've planned it with a friend(should she deserve this??!) whom i knew when i was working part time before in perlis.why did i planned with her if i dislike her?what!before this everything was WELL-planned,but not to forget,beside me,she also got some friends(who constantly change their mind like a total FREAK.) to come along with us.last monday,if im not mistaken,she text me and tell me that we should have take the 4p.m. bus as the journey is going to be longgg.yeah,right!*sigh*also,she included some stupid fellacies,appeal to authority by saying that her lecturer also told her so.ok,FINE!you didn't study LAW after all,i forget.then i was like, I HAVE CLASS ON 3PM!how on earth do you expect me to catch up??!guess,the reply that i've got?

"klu ko tanak join,xpe r."

which by all mean,she was using (again)stupid euphemism!!!what?don't tell me you failed to figure out that she was actually going to say that i should go there ALONE,by myself to that in the middle of nowhere train station that they call KTM!!!i mean,SHIT!people nowadays almost got nothing to do beside being SELFISH and ONLY think of their own needs and satisfactions!bodohhh ar kaw!i took two days to reply.i finally agreed to tolerate and SKIP my class and let my marks be deducted.huhhh...but then,tonight,i got another text mesage from her,saying that,

"weyh,kawan2 aku nak p awal.lps zhor.dorg nk g jln2 dlu.hg nak join ke x?"

babiii kaw!kesialan thap maksima r weyhhh!i mean,tommorow is our train,and tonight out of a sudden,they coincidently got the idea that KL Sentral is full with places that they can go wondering like a moron that extra 3 hours doesn't seems enough for them!!!what the fuckin hell are you guys been thinking??!as if you guys even THINK-larh!nak jalan-jalan??!OMG!i can't hardly believe that i let myself STUCK with people like you!what happen to students of science-foundation???drop their brain somewhere???,im the one to suffer.if i know this whole damn situation is going to happen,i rather take the bus and go home ALONE.i mean,its better than to go with you guys!and,what an obvious SELFISH to be.they are all willing to let me go find my very own way to there.the place where i never really been!again,STUPIDDDD!seriously,im aware that science students might dont have feelings,but im surprise to found out that they also doesn't have HEART!what a pity!i feel sorry for,why am i not surprise why people keeps on saying that law students dont talk to others.we study about rationality,morality and of course,law every single days!and we also sit for examination in those subjects!we understand exactly what is meant by HUMANITY!yes,lawyers are liars!but,at least,we're not culprit!!!and not CRIMINAL!

all this while,i try so damn hard to satiesfied everyone's tolerable.being extrovert.try to act kampong whenever im with those kind,act naive,just say YES to almost everything,and let u pijak-pijak my head like i wont gave a damn!!!i try not to be snob,sombong or whatever.but people makes me do all that tired of being nice.maybe,i should be all that.start on being FIENDISH once again.then only,you'll get what i HER,if you happen to read this which i know you would never.or if you(ya,u!) happen to know about this girl do tell her(klu aku xsroh pown,the news will spread.),tell her that,when u live in a place call EARTH,do live like a HUMAN.if u proud of urself for being so pandai,think more than twice!sometimes,WE use brain in life,too.n,don't u dare to come near me ANYMORE.i've quit that friendly little girl role.make urself comfortable with a (when-u-talk-to-me-i-will-ignore) new me!if i were to confront a bitch,i shall be a bitch too!

&&,to this one guy,whom i knew before i got here(uitm),if u happen to read this,just so u know,ur ANNOYING.i wonder why are u so blagak with me.*sigh*earlier this year,u even say sorry for not say hi to,i'll be lying if i say i didn't notice that u've been pretending that u never know i care?yes,i care,but not that because u dont talk to me,i care if i make the wrong theory.i mean,a snob guy,that is so RARE!but,who know,ur one of the legend!haha.forgive me if im wrong,but if im right,just remember,its not just about how well it goes in this world,its how well u've prepare for after world.


Thursday, July 23, 2009

i want him and him!

xxxxx :: ko mmg dah gatal sgt ker nk kawen??!
me :: yes! yes! yes!
#1 :: i want a SUPERDUPER bad boy! ^_~

#2 :: INCREDIABLY sexayyy!

ohhh!ohhh!ohhh!i want him!

#3 :: stares that will KILL me ;p

#4 :: gosh!those words..."i..feel,very protective to you"
p/s: do ignore this post.effect of sweet dream :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

i gave win,SILLY!

to begin,let's just assume that tommorow's test which will gave me up to 15% of the marks seems to be LESS important than this stupid non-stop issues.again,hell yes.i'm going to waste my precious little time writing about something that will never ever going to change unless its the end of the world, which i called, BOYS~huhhh!sigh,sigh and sigh..ouh!shit!i was trying to get my head in the yellow plastic cover book which by all mean act as an introduction to the course that i'm taking,but this thing bother me enough till my eyes keep sticking like they had been glued by a super duper glue to this stupid screen of my lappy.What gets my anger rise so high until i cant stop myself from cursing in every single lines that i've wrote?urghhhh!this time,i ain't gonna lie,truely,sincerely from the bottom of my heart and inner believe,i will never ever,ever and ever fall for boys, their stupid dramas, and stupid lies AGAIN!remind me if i do.please,mankind,if u were to object me with all of your great thought and so-called back ups of your kind,read throuh the whole CURSING essay first,will you?however,do remember, this page is totally,i talk,u read.u comment,i approve(only if i think the comment is made by a homosapien whos with brain c:).but,no worries, i won't bite :)

uhhh,its 2am already!im going to finish this real fast.the first man(if u're a man at all!) who drive me insane is a guy who call himself a saviour.a so-called saviour.pretty much the same like people who got super powers in movies which i think is completely RIDICULOUS.the same goes with this first,he is gosh! ,i mean,i even thought he was incredibly man enough to own that little something every women were searching around like stupid for in man.(i wont tell u what it me a thousand dollars check,then only i'll spill it out!lol)he was a total angel!to act like a real hero in the middle of a huge dillemma,for being protective in the layer of promises(which i think,the hardest thing for a man to keep.),but as soon as the REAL situation appear in front of his eyes,guess who is running around like a big fat juicy CHICKEN??!not even a footstep remain.what's funny and keeps us(me and friends) laughing is that,that pathetic little chicky is after a beauty queen(of kharzastan,huhh?) and then only i realise,for the first time ever in my whole life,a man becoming a nobel SNOB!which i think is cute,don't u think so?haha.congratulation,i hate u!

next,is a story about a guy who seems to think that he is the greatest of all!haha.what the hell does he have in mind?being on the same level as me doesn't prove anything,dumbass.or being positioned of the head of an organization of member less than twenty,i mean...come on!u need to do better to impress me,GAY!haha.and,for being a biatch(of course as representative of your sex,be proud,hunny!its another position!lmao)and act like a slutty guy and walk around me pretending not knowing me based on the fact that im not in the rank of higher than you(forgive me,your highness) will not hurt a sacret heart,think again!i am not you!yes,maybe you feel stupid or think that you'll look even stupid to be seen talking to me...but,dont you think that when i spread good info about you around,you'll look even STUPIDER? sorry to hurt you.maybe,other see you wearing a halo and fly with a pair of white wings but to me,those all are only exist in fairy tale.em,really,does a grown up man like u,still fantasize of marrying cinderella???haha.okies,none of my bussiness.huhhh,i wont say that i regret meeting you or either making friend with you,but if were to choose between you and a geeky,nerdy,clumsy,stupid and ugly bitch,u know which will i choose ;p

the third case is the one that pissed me off the most.when its a crime involving heart,stay out of my reach.or i'll hate you forever for as long as i breathe!GIRLS,READ would you feel when i man seem to have the same interest as yours?(hell yes,i didn't mean shopping.they don't do that,larr dearest.)i know.SWEET!then,when both of you found out,the relationship keeps on,not close to the favourite phase the time,most girls will think that he might be the one your looking for,right?you felt relief that u can stop messing with the wrong guy, his doing you can tell that he is really into you and going to get on flirt,to be simple.and deep down under,the flowers in the so-called garden is blooming in the middle of fall.yeah,don't deny come the heartbreaking when you're about to surrender your heart and soul to that guy(who i call stupid foolish dumbass),you found out that you're not the only one in the whole wide world who's receiving the five star-hotel service.EXPECTED.your heart is crashing down a bit,huhh?wait untill you see with your own widely-open eyes!he was treating every single girls he seem to meet like a princess(it hurts me cus i am a true PRINCESS,not them!).IN FRONT OF YOUR VERY OWN EYES.(no,i don't wear lenses.)to make it worst,he was still trying to steal your attention and flirting with you,huhhh?i mean,what the f**k!one word,DESPERATE!OMG.i still can't believe this.back to reality.hey,silly,you would never have any chances on me for the rest of your life(of troubling me).stop acting nice.stop your hipocricity.haven't i mention how dreadly i hate playboys,before?or,you're eager enough to see experience an euthanasia made by me?keep a huge,(more than thousand miles)distance from me as u don't want me to puke on your fucking shirt.AND.stay out of my face,PRETENDERS!forever.

thanks for your time,im DONE.
p/s:i'm looking for the best anger-management classes :)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

monolog aku :)

aku RINDU waktu dulu...

aku RINDU buli budak nihhh...

aku RINDU rindu rinduuu dulu...

Friday, July 10, 2009

This is MY choice.

hell yeah.i've made up my mind.after a week of cries and shouts,it finally came to an end.i mean,phewwww...its finally over!to all,i decided to stay!haha...good bye to IPG,i'm staying here doing law.i've think about it,and yesss there is no guaranty for me to excel in this field,its risky,its tough and whatever.the thing is,the song no boundaries gave me some kind of strength for me to stand on what i've believe in.therefore,im taking this challenge and to prove them that they are all wrong.always,my principe in life is to dare to take the risk.if i made it in spm by dropping biology out,why not now,huhhh?i've done it once,there is no impossible term for second attempt! :)

p/s:adam lambert,dont be GAY!!!