Thursday, January 26, 2012

Living life like a boss!

I sucks at intro so, yep me not planning on any. But before that, do I need to remind you I've been away from writing(no not writing, I do writing all the time.hey, I'm one of those girls who still keep a diary,fyi).The term is, blogging.I've been away from blogging for quite a long time now,didn't I? So,this is me making a comeback after the long hiatus(it always sounded so cool this way) and hopefully, able to feed those hungry stalkers of mine?(well,what do you mean by if I had any?pfft).Too long for an intro but whatever, I'll be writing on what's happening on my life for the past me missing in action(MIA) and what is clouding up my mind recently.So, bare with me, what do you expect?I have to cover the three months entry into one post.Long is what you should be expecting!

Let's start with the third semester in my awesome and lively NOT law school of mine.

Ever heard of mak cik pak cik going over how hard law school is going to be?Well, booyah it's nothing but the truth. We law student can't seem to stop whining about why are we here taking law major, why there's no bloody fool who ask for our hand in marriage yet, or why do I have to be a law student at all.Ya know, those regretting whines that lead you to nowhere but some more whines? Here let me give you a closer look.

Due to SCLC's(the club that I join) programs, I've been quite a bee this semester. Most unforgettable moment is when we conducted a program at a middle school.and how do kiddos work with me?Not well.Everybody knows why did I go?Suicide mission,obviously.But hey,for some reasons, I'm still kicking and there's no murder there(at least for now).Phewww.Point is, kiddos starting to acknowledge my existence and I'm closer to being all wifey type now.This is what I've been telling you about. Me,being a law student. Mental.
Can't believe how good they behave in photos.pfft

Kak long's car wash program.

Jyeah,she's the only one loving law.haha
Fast forward to final exam.All study week long, nescafe or white coffee or McD's brewed coffee had been my legal drugs which kept me awake. Most of us didn't sleep well enough since we have to learn a one semester subject all in two or if we're lucky enough 3 days.Yikes, I know. But when you're in university, that's pretty normal and now I have the thought that what's the point of going to class if I can learn everything in less than a week?You mad? I have this subject that I only attend not more than 5 classes for the whole semester and I'm dead worried about the result.Nahh,kidding. I'm pretty much satisfied that I actually manage to answer the paper. Of course no A is guaranteed but hey, I did pretty good there. and...not to forget my Moral and Ethics subject. I went to lectures, do one time presentation and in every class I rudely scrolling on Tumblr but when it comes to final exam, it surprised me that I'm able to memorize hadith like, we're talking real hadith here,people!So I guess, I deserve some tabik or something?HAHA. Fine,fine,sorry. I didn't meant to brag just joking and obviously it ain't funny but truth be told, please please I just need to pass the papers and at least maintain the 3 pointer. Mann,law is pain in the ass. You, who plans on taking this path,save yourself!

My classmates,despite some of the immature sheeps(just that one sheep) and annoying people they are the best.Like seriously seriously the best.

the ugly truth of me not fitting in law.period

I just can't get over A'a's boobies cuppies :D
Oh oh,did I mention I went to the palace?No?Well, here goes
I will never understand the rich.purr
Then the Revive,obesity thingy~
Not winning in fact, disqualified instead but hella proud.Aumm!
Well,it's a matter of how you looks at thing,right? :)

Moving on.This sem,I've got a new house(as a tenant,of course). Plus some new coolest hommies ever! So, since Kak Long and Shella is from Sarawak, we thought it'd be great to throw a house warming party and serve laksa sarawak. It went well, I guess?The foods yums yums yums.If I were a boy,I wanna marry my hommies.
Why do I have to look brilliantly stupid in this photo?
I love this photo simply cuz I look like a thug.problem?

So,we had this crazy idea back then.Ya know, Genting.

Them all.Izza,Sherry,Shel and kak long.
*clap clap*

Not going to put all up.You have my facebook for that.What else eh?OH. As I goes along, I got to know new people. Great people in fact.

and sticking with the old flames.the best ever.

and so.the, you know I'm kidding,right?It's just it's maghrib and I'm hungry. So,I'm lazy now. too lazy to think.So,there you have it. The summary version of what happened during my MIA. Dah,puas catch up? ADIOS la viosa,my amore!(I don't know what the hell does that mean.whatever)

Living life like a lao sai!(go ahead google it dumbass)