Saturday, August 27, 2011

Fynn+Memalukan diri = Fynn

So,here's the thing. Haritu aku attended this one freaking boring event(formal,that's why) organized by Unimap. and I happen to have a friend studying there. and silly me, I thought it's such a good idea to let him know,

and then,one subject led to another~

Alright,the next comment from me did make me sounds pretty much like those gedix girls but, swear to God, 
what people can't see is, not too long after,this Azeril pm me and give me the guy's fb profile. and he keeps on praising him,cakap lucky me sebab dia dah kerja dgn unimap,etc etc

and then I said,
"LOL,aku suka tengok je.bukan ape pun~"
and then walk away.tak add pon,even.

but too bad, next thing I know,

and if you guys tak nampak lagi, here you go.

Dua hari tak online,pagi tadi lepas sahur, tersengih sorang

and that's that.
Aku gila pelik ramai pulak strangers dekat wallpost tu.

sila observe mahlok mahloks yang like tu.

 Haha.For the first time ever, I'm glad aku budak uitm.
or else, dah jadi bahan dah :D

Oh btw,

*sinful giggles*

I'm a fan,that's all~

p.s. jangan cari pasal post benda tak sememeh kat wall aku pasal ni.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

This is what guys' sleepover looks like.

It's supposed to be wordless but girls need some explanation,bruh.

dudes checkin out girls on the computer,
niggas playin xbox,
that one guys that taken,
and a dude who just feels like singing.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

3 reasons to be jelly of me!

Hari ni shopping raya.tadda~
Went to Jitra Mall,Kedah.
Supposed to buy 2 pasang but end up with only 1.
Heh.the banyak songeh me. 
On my defense, semua sepesen and a bit too pricey for something that is to be worn once. 

I superstitiously believe that it's bad luck to reveal the whole baju,but hey!
I guess, a sneak peek wouldn't hurt?
the theme is freaking YELL-LOW this year,so don't be so hard on me.
Plus,it's freaking big in size. Anyone know a good place(in perlis) where I can fix this,please please do recommend.

And claro ce sie, my aim, my hardwork, my gaji and my newborn baby,

Hands off!Hahaha.No, seriously.
Nahhh,it's not galaxy SII, it's Ace.but it's alright though :3
I'm a happy girl now.
No longer forever alone ^^
and, cross this out from the wishlist right away!

Then I bought something else, not for raya,not for something special.Oh well, I just did.HAHA
and my mum was anxious.

"Along, you've got too many shoes already. It's time to stop this habit of yours~" can't do.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

My stomach hurts from laughing too much.

Owls confirmed for creepiest birds ever. 

Just look at those bastards!!! If you fail to notice the fucker swallowing a rat like a champ then there’s the dude singing some satanic song or something and the other two fuckers synchronized to make you feel the creeps with their soulless dance of doom.

My favorite birds ever!