Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sem 3:This is me trying.

Ingat lagi dua tahun dulu.That time when UPU's result was out and I didn't get any offer because of some technical defects and I kind of mourn every second of my life.I didn't quite remember how much I cried or how much heartaches I have to endure but what I've remember from back then was I promised myself, once I'm on board,I'll do anything to succeed 'cuz I have something to prove.Last two semester was hard,real hard.So much troubles;friends,houses,conflicts,drama,results.Semester 2 was the worst.Bila teringat result exam masa tu I thought that was it.They were right,and I was wrong.I'm not made for law school,that I'm too stupid to get on and that time I thought I was going to surrender.Keputusan memang nasty-ly teruk and what make it worse, seniors going on about 'susah nak improve gpa once dah teruk and everything', ramai orang kena repeat this and that subjects, in law school repeat tu is a norm lah and frankly,I believed them.I was down,since then I look down upon myself,I lost any form of confidence left in me but then I think to myself; 'If you are going to fail,fail trying.'.That way, when someone harass me with judgmental critics I could say at least I've done everything I could and not blame it all on the world.So, semester 3. I got friends with the awesomest creatures I could ever ask for, I still woke up late,skipped classes, pandang BEL sebelah mata,messed up my heart,but I keep the interest going.I know somewhere in me that I'm just an ordinary average not genius but I stay.and I learn.So,last 22 February was the result day.People were going crazy about it on tweeter and facebook but not me.Until,few hours ago.

Gladly,I PASS!freaking pass!all the subjects.
and 3 pointer.whaddap!
and I got some As though it was elective,and such but still.
Unfortunately for me,not a dean list this time neither.(DL students dont skip class like me or neither belajar one sem subject in 2 days)
But I improved hella lot in my GPA.

and I'm satisfied and thankful enough :)

No,this is not for my bragging food.You're missing the point.I've got totally zero to brag about.Others had done so so much much better than me.and whaddaya know,it's baru sem 3,sweetheart. I've put this not so pretty result up here is for those who thought they're just a bunch of average losers yang survive basedly sebab luck.This is for those who once dreams on taking over the world but end up empty handed and this is for those who are just like me.Listen, at one point or another in life, you will get this tragic flings that made you think you're a worthless piece of shit and that you're just supporting actor and there are no room to shine.You try,you fail,you try again,you fail again but failing should not be able to stop you from trying.It's what its job and your job is to keep on trying until finally a new script is handed to you and your name was on top of the cast.My advice, if you're too tired of trying you just stay where you are,no movement,do nothing that's alright but never once give up.Because if you notice, good things tend to happens when all the hope is gone,isn't it?Now turn that frown upside down and walk with grace :)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

My mistake,sir.

"I did something stupid".
"I thought you'd be different"