Monday, May 27, 2013

Took a peek on the lucky side.

So yesterday I went out with this one guy. First we went for lunch to discuss about what happen on the night before. Ha, yes pingu about what you did! I am so mad that he didn't even want to get mad at you. and he said, point delivered,you're forgiven but next time do it nicely.

In the evening,we took a stroll in the park. We talk and talk,then he he said he wanted to get something from his car. Not gonna lie, I kinda expecting this so when he turned out with his guitar behind his back, I'm like "Yes,finally!". 

Because some boy once promised me that he'll play guitar for,write a song for me but that was all bull crap.

Not this guy.
He did everything he said he would.
and that kinda captured my heart.
We've known each other for not less than a month, I am so scared and embarrassed that I feel as if I've known him for life.
I don't know whether it is possible or does we even allowed to like someone in that short of a time. People keep telling me to take it slow,which is a point that we both had agreed upon but there's this sick curiosity which makes me feel eager to get to know him more,quickly and for every little time.

I pray to God if he isn't the one made for me, make it hurt less for me when the end comes knocking because getting over someone like him won't be easy at all.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

So,I've been waiting for 22 years...

Going in and out of bad relationships, I started to lose faith in having any anymore.
Until a few days ago,I met a man.
A man whom I just met.
We when out twice but it feels like I've known him for years,
we connect, there's chemistry
and for the first time ever I can be myself around a prospective lover.

He plays guitar,
He plays piano,
Had me smile upon seeing his face,
He's older,wiser,matured,gentleman
and better.
much better than any other guys who I've set my heart on before.
And if I ever had a list of qualities I'm looking for in a man,he'll be rich with ticks.
He's like my doa-guy literally fall out of the sky.

But why is it,all I can think of now is 'RUN'?
I think I'm so grateful and overwhelmed by his presence in my life
that I feel like if I stick around him much longer,
my heart gonna hurt like never before,
like my world will turn upside down,
because soon when I let my guard down, he'll flee.