Thursday, April 14, 2011

Baru dua langkah.

Today, the last day of class for this current semester.
Semester two.Hence the dua langkah.
get it? get it?

We had class party,and I quite like it.Well yeah,to even have a post about it.
Sorry blog,I've been neglecting you eversince tumblr :(
I can't help it.
I'm getting tired of people questioning why the hell that I'm so addicted to it and I seriously swear feels like axing them. Well of course since it's illegal.
and because they haven't been there yet and they are not the same with us tumblrians.
Ahh,those facebookers(didn't it rhymes with hookers?LOL)~

Anyway,final is on the next week.I feels like killing myself even when writing this.GOD,this sem was tough. Why yes,everything was. The learning, the classes, the extra activities which people can't get over with only to make their resume looks great enough, the fakers, the dramas, the friends and their bullshits, the boyfriend which I never happen to get yet any,the angst and the fact that I'm still breathing now.

So here's the picture,after scoring 19 out of 40 from a contract test.On my defence, I don't revise the night before,so...jyeahhh.

Don't ask me stupid question like why I had it censored or anything.
Yes,I probably hate that person and don't want it to spoil the memory.
You don't need to guess whoever that person is,
because later you guys will go around spread things,nasty one about me doing this.
It's my blog,it's my right,it's my feeling,alright?
Do not tell me that it was not nice and everything to hate,
because when people do that, I feel like slapping them hard.
You might think you're a saint,but I ain't.

Wow,I really am something. If you're asking me whether you should pursue law or not, I'd say BACK OFF, naive! It just part 2 but I'm feeling like I've graduated in seven different degrees already. That only if you know what I mean~ btw, I had improve on my slutty pose!

p.s. desperately needs to start bulimic again.