Sunday, February 28, 2010

Perampas boyfriend orang,kejam tak?

So,apa pandangan korang pada manusia-manusia perampas ni?
kuang jaqqqq!

well,save it.

hoih!menatang puteh gedik!dok diam-diam!


aku rasa macam nak rampas boyfriend orang,lah!!!!
Dari dulu aku tengok status dia kat facebook,
wahhh!sangat devoted and sayang kat girlfriendnya...
sangat jealous!

sebab,to me, lelaki susah nak committed,
but, somehow i could tell yang he is such a great man.

i saw his page,status and all....
they seem to be having a fight!
jahat ke,kalau aku rasa this is the best time untuk bertindak?
uhhh...kejinya aku!
i don't know!!!

everytime im thinking of doing such sin,
i'll tell myself;

don't Fynn,nanti tuhan balas! kesian tat girl...
dalam hati?

please lah...break!break!break!

walau apapun, hati aku tetap milik seorang :)

Tabi oppa!

i love u lah,sayang!
my personal favorite sun 

p.s. :women out there,sila hargai bf anda,if x,i culik!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dang!No more class for Asasi!

semalam, lepas balik drpd melapah ayam di Nandos ;D
terus claim tido for the whole 2 semester!
i slept for approximately 14 hours!

so, i woke up this morning,
hati gumbira lain macam dah.
packing back untuk balik malam ni,
10.30 mlm,bus Sani di Seksyen 17,
mai pakat hantaq ceq,jom^^

then, bukak FB,
terasa lain macam,
status budak-budak ni lain macam bunyik~
hari ni last class for my foundation weyyy!

rase happydappy sebab tak perlu susah payah rebut bas lagi,
tak payah menghadap assignments melambak-lambak lagi,
tapi,tetiba rasa sedih,kenapa?
lepas ni,bukan semua budak-budak asasi ni akan pegi uni yang sama,
final dah dekat sangat la wayyy!

jangan lupa ini semua,okay? =]

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Jangan melawan!HAHA

Murid : Selamat pagi, cikgu.

Cikgu : (Menengking) Mengapa selamat pagi sahaja? Petang dan malam awak doakan saya tak selamat?

Murid : Selamat pagi, petang dan malam cikgu!

Cikgu : Panjang sangat! Tak pernah dibuat oleh orang! Kata selamat sejahtera! Senang dan penuh bermakna. Lagipun ucapan ini meliputi semua masa dan keadaan.

Murid : Selamat sejahtera cikgu!

Cikgu : Sama-sama, duduk! Dengar sini baik-baik. Hari ini cikgu nak uji kamu semua tentang perkataan berlawan. Bila cikgu sebutkan perkataannya, kamu semua mesti menjawab dengan cepat, lawan bagi perkataan-perkataan itu, faham?

Murid : Faham, cikgu!

Cikgu : Saya tak mahu ada apa-apa gangguan.

Murid : (senyap)

Cikgu : Pandai!

Murid : Bodoh!

Cikgu : Tinggi!

Murid : Rendah!

Cikgu : Jauh!

Murid : Dekat!

Cikgu : Keadilan!

Murid : UMNO!

Cikgu : Salah!

Murid : Betul!

Cikgu : Bodoh!

Murid : Pandai!

Cikgu : Bukan!

Murid : Ya!

Cikgu : Oh Tuhan!

Murid : Oh Hamba!

Cikgu : Dengar ini!

Murid : Dengar itu!

Cikgu : Diam!

Murid : Bising!

Cikgu : Itu bukan pertanyaan, bodoh!

Murid : Ini ialah jawapan, pandai!

Cikgu : Mati aku!

Murid : Hidup kami!

Cikgu : Rotan baru tau!

Murid : Akar lama tak tau!

Cikgu : Malas aku ajar kamu!

Murid : Rajin kami belajar cikgu!

Cikgu : Kamu gila!

Murid : Kami siuman!

Cikgu : Cukup! Cukup!

Murid : Kurang! Kurang!

Cikgu : Sudah! Sudah!

Murid : Belum! Belum!

Cikgu : Mengapa kamu semua bodoh sangat?

Murid : Sebab saya seorang pandai!

Cikgu : Oh! Melawan!

Murid : Oh! Mengalah!

Cikgu : Kurang ajar!

Murid : Cukup ajar!

Cikgu : Habis aku!

Murid : Kekal kami!

Cikgu : O.K. Pelajaran sudah habis!

Murid : K.O. Pelajaran belum bermula!

Cikgu : Sudah, bodoh!

Murid : Belum, pandai!

Cikgu : Berdiri!

Murid : Duduk!

Cikgu : Saya kata UMNO salah!

Murid : Kami dengar KeADILan betul!

Cikgu : Bangang kamu ni!

Murid : Cerdik kami tu!

Cikgu : Rosak!

Murid : Baik!

Cikgu : Kamu semua ditahan tengah hari ini!

Murid : Dilepaskan tengah malam itu!

Cikgu : (Senyap dan mengambil buku-bukunya keluar.


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Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Worst Nightmare!

19 Feruary 2010 
i won't forget this date!
the worst day ever in my entire life!suck it through!
for the first time live,take this;


curious much?
i'll tell u how that cursed day start.

on that cursed MORNING,

shit!i know it's my turn for the real persuasive speech.LAME.and,hell i thought i admit it publicly to the whole class and i did apologize for not being ready. but yet, still why does my lovely and beloved lecturer keep on bugging me all the way through my entire speech???

Are you gonna read the introduction?

and,please...what is up with your vengeance, my dear? HAHA. u do make me laugh. since last week, up until today i know u always had that something against me.and, hell yeah i fucking care. i might be such a lousy student, malas nak attend your class, sit at the back whenever it's your class, chit-chatting with my friends during your class or so ever... what kept you from wondering why other lecturers doesn't have any problem with me like we did? and,FYI, i thought you are totally well known of the idiom ; worth a penny. its not just the american currency kot? and, what about my writing is more like English people? isn't it the reason why we learn English?well,i'm wrong kah?LOL.and, accusing me of plagiarism? what else do you got?
well, i'm totally glad that Monday is our LAST class.

towards the cursed EVENING,

dammit!i jump into my ex. never once crossed in my mind that anything like this is gonna happens. that surprise meeting really did bring back sad memories. why today,why? fullstop.

on the cursed PROM NIGHT,

yessss. i thought this is gonna happen. bad luck just don't give up half way,you see? i arrived late at the hotel. fuck. the seats are all full! sad....
let's rewind...

i had planned just everything for us (my gangstas) in order to make it and have seats. for the night to work out well. Izan, i thought i always tell you not to be to kind. 

jangan baik sangat dengan orang,
 sebab bukan semua orang akan balas madu dengan madu.
tak kisah lah seikhlas mana kita struggle tolong orang,
at the end of the day, selfishness prevails.
budi, orang tak pandang!

seats takde,
finnally dapat seats but with bitches,
memalukan diri,
foods tak sempat nak di-grab.
sweet memories?NONE
you can read the rest of the story here Izan's bloggy

malu nak upload kat FB.orang lain banyakkk piccas and had a great night. and my outfit SUCKS too,kan?haha
nak makan pon tak senang.

frankly speaking,
agak terkilan dengan most of my friends.
kenapa?anda fikir sendiri lah.
and,tak payahlah nak tanya aku in person,
the comment link is not made for fun.
and, please note this has got nothing to do with the committees.

and, this make me realize the fact ;how UNIMPORTANT i was.
i knew it from the start but i keep on denying.
not anymore.
it's a fact which i can never change.
it sucks to be invisible.

MIDNIGHT, when i thought everything is about to stop,

i drive super fast.
im so furious!
we planned for a lepak at i-City,
but damn,tutup!

off to KFC,
nak gerak balek,
kereta buat.
macam shitfuckingasshole.

well,what do you think?
i've read a fortune cookie just now,
 and it said;

the bad things are all behind you now.

how i wish it is true.
my strength is starting to fade.
*crossed fingers

maybe nak perlu balik this weekend. i need to calm my mind down...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Seloka 'Aku Busy'

How are u guys doing?
and, double exhausted.
*eye bags aku semakin teruk,kan?

nak merungut berseloka jap,boleh?

assignments banyak gila!
mengalir mu lebih deras daripada air terjun,
menimbun-nimbun di belakangku ni haa,
namun broadband dan lappy tetap menjadi sang majnun.

presentation tidak kurang hebatnya,
debate pulak ala-ala spontan,
bisa mati dibuatnya~
dah la persuasive speech tak berhenti menekan-nekan,

test sudah semesti,
banyak lagi masa, nak jugak buat time ni,
aku paling benci test economics,
global issues, lagi menyakitkan hati!

haih,dinner sudah dilupai,
niat pergi nak makan saje,
tak sabar gila nak habis asasi...
macam ar degree relax je kije!

sekian saje seloka ini,
melunggok lagi kerja aku,
labah-labah sudah menanti,
tolong sapu sawang-sawang blog aku?

so long kepada anda semua.
ana mahu pergi berperang sebentar,
dengan sape?
diri sendiri.
ini masa aku sekolah dulu.
time ni memang aku pemalas gila nak study,
sama,lebih kurang~
adik-adik di luar sana,belajar rajin-rajin,nanti jadi macam saye ;(


Monday, February 15, 2010

Ada apa dengan Valentine?

o em gee!

it's 14th FEBRUARY!!!

i'll tell u why,

Pingu's birthday!!!not literally pingu but Izzah ;D


and,of course,


Gong Xi Fa Cai!!!

it's tiger year,kan?

tu jelah...kan?hahaha


ada apa dengan Valentine?

1. One day of the whole year people finally realize that they need to show their love to their partners.
2. And, forgot it right away on the next day.
3. The day when single(s) got the idea to start dating.
4. Full of MYTH,MISERY and MELTED people.LOL
5. Muslims are not allowed to celebrate it,but yet (fill in the blank)
6. A day where singlism is vastly applied.
7. ouh,certaintly...florists' day!
8. My ex's birthday is another 4 days.dammit!why on earth do i know this?HELL
9. and,,, a day where i locked myself up in the house studying and revising for the economics test this   
    freaking Wednesday and sweating and sighing over the upcoming debate which will be held on the same   
10. i once again wish i will be poison by an ugly witch and sleep for years and wake up by a true love   
     kiss.(massively affected by Enchanted)

*please,puke in the toilet!

not on valentine,of course!
not on February!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It's February Fools for the lecturers!

Recently,lecturers kat law fac nih sangat menduga kesabaran aku,lepas sorang-sorang buat hal.but,what to do,they are the lecturers,kan?but,the tense let me and some of my click to google up something fun to revenge! seriously,i gotta try one of these!

Ever been in such a boring and lame lecture in your life?
ever think of getting out of it?
getting rid of the lecturer,maybe?LOL...
seriously,i can show u how!!!

1. Listen attentively to lecture.  Approximately every fifteen minutes,look really startled, then clap your hands twice.  Repeat this often.  If the professor complains, say 

"The light bulb above my head is connected to a Clapper, stupid!"

2. Sit way at the back of the room, up against the wall, to get as far away
from your professor as possible. While he/she is lecturing, shout out things like
"sorry,tak dengar!"-"speak up!"-"what?"
when he advises you to sit closer to the front, tell him/her you can't because
u're scouting the room for "assassins."
3.Show up to class about ten minutes late.  Ride into the room on a bicycle,
yell, "Look out!", and crash into the blackboard. Get up, take a seat, and
act like nothing happened. Do this every day.

4.Keep "accidentally" setting fires at your desk.  Burn notebooks, papers, or
whatever you have handy. Whenever you start a fire, no matter how small it
is, start yelling,
"Fire! Fire!"
and run out of the room in a panic.
Don't return for the rest of class.

5.Bring a small cactus to class with you.  Raise your hand, and when you're
called on, say that the cactus has a question. Turn and look at the
cactus, as if you're waiting for it to say something. After a few moments,
shrug, and wait for your professor to move on. Do this once a day,and become increasingly irritated with the cactus every time, sighing heavily
and giving it evil looks when it fails to "speak." When you leave the
classroom, start yelling at the cactus,
"I can't believe you embarrassed me AGAIN...."

6.Write your professor a note that says,
"I'm going to be about 15 minutes late. 
Go ahead and start without me." 

Wait outside the building until the time when class is supposed to begin.  Tie the note to a rock, and throw it through the window.

7.Get a MONKEY, and bring it to class with you.  Tell your professor that
you've hired the monkey to take notes for you.  Sit back and relax during
class, letting the monkey scribble on a piece of paper.  When it comes time
to write a paper or take a test, write down things like, 

"I wish I had a banana" and "I miss my tire swing."  

Assuming you get a bad grade, angrily fire the monkey in front of your professor.

hilarious, isn't it?HAHA.give them a try,and then tell me about it.if u didn't get drop out from college, i might be considering number 3!good luck and have FUN!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

It's time to make it public.

i'm giving out a terrible sigh in case u didn't realize it...
God,i'm exhausted.

i'm about to let EVERYTHING out.
it is advisory for u not to read it in anyway.
yes,u could use it as a weapon against me,
laugh it,make fun of me,i don't care.
talk behind me,label me,do whatever u guys want,
i just don't care anymore,
i just don't!

i read my best buddy's blog just now,
she wrote about her problems and all,
then i realize how long i've been under pressure.
too bad that i has to make it public.
friends do read my blog,and yes that's fine.
but,they spread bad rumors too,u see?
well,to me,thats ugly.

i don't know whether it's me or anything else,
psychologically i'll not blame myself for sure,
but u sure can,
yeah,whatever,i said i don't care.

this semester i had fun being myself,
and i thought that was cool,
but seems like not everyone's agreeing with me.
didn't everyone go around saying it's okayyy being different,be yourself and all,
but screw u guys.
why is it when i'm being one,u said;

there is this one big bragger in my class.
there u go,i've let it out.
aftermath?i might get boycott by others.
because it turns out that i'm the only one who has the courage to voice out my spiteful feeling public and not acting angelic in front of that person and bad mouthing that person behind the person's back.
let just call that person goblin.
gosh,it feels GOOD.
back to the topic,
i HATE goblin.
i f#@&ing hate goblin!
and,for those who constantly questioning why me and 
my troops keep on using foul wordies,
 put on my shoes. 
can't wait to hear which word wud u use!

i can't understand how on earth could they stand a person 
that keeps on insulting them directly and 
praising herself publicly over and over again like shit?
yes,they own such a nobel and great heart.
a salute from me to them.
u go folks!
so,why complain?
why must u burden up my thought with the feeling of dissatisfaction towards that goblin ?
just so u got alliance and then working your ass off to bring me down when you are with the goblin?
that's SMART.
maybe a little bit selfish over there?
uhh huh?

and,whats with this awkward responds ever since the MUET's result was out?
i got band 5!
and yes,
i'm a bit proud.
because i finally can prove to everyone that i somehow has something in me,
that i'm not sitting here in uitm reading law for just a matter of luck.
and i can in one way can make my mum and my family shut up their complain about me not choosing to be in IPGM,
(of course,it didnt shut mum.she still thought i'd do better in Tesl)
but i decided to keep it down from people because i knew this would happen!
Most will go around with disbelief and theories.
saying that i'm just being lucky again and because i was taking it in a kampong school.
well, that surely is offensive.
i NEVER been lucky once in my life.
and,the place where im taking that silly test is the center for the test in my state.
but then,people will go;

Perlis itself is a kampong.

uuuww....alah,ko kan terer,fynnn...

stop it,will ya?
what's the big deal??!
gimme money,i'll do retest!
if its the only way to shut u down...

to relate,
haven't i mention how much i hate people whos underestimating others?
same goes to the goblin.
i just wish i could slap everyone who's doing this shitty.
please lah,stop acting or even think u are wayyy better than others,
cause at the time u are doing it,
u already wayyyyy WORSE!
u see,some might good in this certain thing but some not,
but they might be better in something else.
its not like those are gonna last pon...

i stutters at public speaking,
and i'm too wretched at debates,
i'm no good at making friends
neither giving out first impressions,
but in everything i do,
i have commitment. 
i give out the best of me FAIRly.
it's ok if u looking down on me,
it happens all the time and im kinda used to it.
those staring, awkward glimpse,and cold treatment.HAHA
insulting my friends right in front of me,
using your advantage against her disadvantage?
is that all u got?
fighting with us losers so that u can look good?
playing on the safe side,scared that u might get hit?
that's a very brave of u!
seriously,it's shocking that others fail to figure it out~
and,im still in shock that i allow myself to call u my friends.
shame on us!

and about last madam Carol's class.
it bothers me up till this very second.
i can guarantee that after class,people go around saying how rude and bad i am....
isn't it true?
HAHA.and i thought i've told u i'm lacking of attitude?
label me,condemned me,do whatever you want.
Madam herself will hate me afterward.
ouh,in case you are wondering,
that time,
i was waiting for others who were in line to show her their topics at my place,
while showing my friends something on the laptop.
then she went announcing that the practice is about to start,
and i rose hand,thought that she might spare me some time so that i could go and discuss my topic with her,
never in my mind that i ever think to act snob or rude,
then, she went;

what?do u want me to go over there?

talking about respect and everything,
saying that im so upset,
and i got the awkward looks from the whole classmates
"dammit Fynn,u are horribly rude"
all eyes on me.
thought that i've told,i can't stand people looking at me at once.
i bet they forgot.

yes!i'm damn offended.
and it hurts u know,to receive such judgment when u less expect it.
u guys just don't care.
but,if really i'm the one who's guilty,
then forgive me.
i can't change the fact that i'm no robot who doesn't make mistake.

it feels damn much better to have everything out.
they have been in there for such a long time.
i can't wait to get the hell out of here.
i'm grateful that in the midst of everything i at least have friends who constantly backing me up,
THANKS a lot!
i didn't know if i can go through all this without u guys.
and,to dearest and beloved
enemies and enemies to be;
not that i'm alive because of u,anyway.  

Thursday, February 4, 2010

In lovey dovey?

don't spoil from number 12*winks
Kamu bercakap dengan dia hingga lewat malam dan bila kamu tidur, kamu masih teringat padanya.

Kamu berjalan dengan perlahan sekali bila bersama dengannya.

Kamu rasa serba tak kena bila berjauhan dengannya.

Kamu akan tersenyum bila kamu mendengar suaranya.

Bila kamu memandangnya, kamu tidak nampak orang lain di sekeliling. Kamu hanya nampak dia...

Dia adalah segalanya yang kamu ingin fikirkan.

Kamu perasan kamu sentisa senyum apabila kamu memandangnya.

Kamu akan melakukan apa sahaja untuk membolehkan kamu berjumpa dengannya.

Semasa kamu sedang membaca ini, dalam fikiran kamu terbayang wajah dia sahaja.

Kamu begitu asyik memikirkan tentang dirinya sehingga kamu tidak perasan bahawa nombor tujuh hilang/tiada.

Kamu akan balik ke atas untuk memastikan adalah betul tiada no 7 dan kamu akan tergelak sendiri.

my answer is:


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Malam pertama,excited tak?

Malam pertama kita

Satu hal sebagai bahan renungan Kita...
Tuk merenungkan indahnya malam pertama
Tapi bukan malam penuh kenikmatan duniawi semata
Bukan malam pertama masuk ke peraduan 
Adam Dan Hawa

Justeru malam pertama perkawinan kita dengan Sang Maut
Sebuah malam yang meninggalkan isak tangis sanak saudara

Hari itu... mem pelai sangat dimanjakan
Mandipun...harus dimandikan
Seluruh badan Kita terbuka....
Tak ada sehelai benangpun menutupinya. .
Tak ada sedikitpun rasa malu...
Seluruh badan digosok dan dibersihkan
Kotoran dari lubang hidung dan anus dikeluarkan
Bahkan lubang-lubang itupun ditutupi kapas putih...

Itulah mayat Kita....
Itulah jasad Kita waktu itu

Setelah dimandikan.. ,
Kitapun dipakaikan gaun cantik berwarna putih
Kain itu ...jarang orang memakainya..
Karena sangat terkenal bernama Kafan
Wangian ditaburkan kebaju Kita...
Bahagian kepala.., badan. .., dan kaki diikatkan
Tataplah.... tataplah. ..itulah wajah Kita
Keranda pelaminan... langsung disiapkan
Pengantin bersanding sendirian...

Mempelai diarak keliling kampung yang dihadiri tetangga
Menuju istana keabadian sebagai simbol asal usul
Kita diiringi langkah longlai seluruh keluarga
Serta rasa haru para handai taulan
Gamelan syahdu bersyairkan adzan dan kalimah Dzikir
Akad nikahnya bacaan talkin....
Berwalikan liang lahat..
Saksi-saksinya nisan-nisan. . yang telah tib a duluan
Siraman air mawar.. pengantar akhir kerinduan
Dan akhirnya.... tiba masa pengantin..
Menunggu dan ditinggal sendirian,
Tuk mempertanggungjawab kan seluruh langkah kehidupan

Malam pertama yang indah atau meresahkan..
Ditemani rayap-rayap dan 
cacing tanah
Di kamar bertilamkan tanah..

Dan ketika 7 langkah telah pergi.....
Sang Malaikat lalu bertanya.
Kita tak tahu apakah akan memperoleh Nikmat Kubur...
Ataukah Kita akan memperoleh Siksa Kubur.....
Kita tak tahu...Dan tak seorangpun yang tahu....

ini khas untuk renungan kita semua.*sigh*
hari demi hari,rasa macam i've been too far,too lost.
yah,this might sound funny to some of u,laugh it i don't mind.
but, afterall no one can defy the truth.
to everyone termasuklah diri aku sendiri;
kesibukan dunia nyata melalaikan,
dalam arus duniawi,kita semakin alpa...
tapi sampai bila nak macam ni,Fynn...?