Sunday, October 13, 2013

Me graduating?

Rasa macam baru semalam je aku merungut sebab kena belajar dekat uitm ni. Fresh lagi rasa kesal sebab upu macam haram masa tu. Tup tup sekarang dah nak grad dah weh. Walaupun masih bersisa 2 sem lagi tapi this is hell of a burden lift off my right shoulder! Dulu masa part 1 kemain lagi aku impress senior senior dapat masuk LLB ni. Now that I'm here, beside from feeling thankful and relief I'm extremely exhausted!

Ever since high school, I'm an insomniac. Being able to sleep early is really miraculous to me. Then LLB came along and I can barely describe how the 1 a.m. night feels like. Worst of all, I didn't get to spend time with my friends as much as before. I didn't even have time to catch up with them. I'm busy and everything is so stressful now.

So meet my firm mates. These are the people I get to work with for the next 2 semester. May luck be upon us.

ANYWAY,first degree is basically done. Now let's triple the struggle yeah!Until next time :-*

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